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Breaking the Bad Habit: The Key to Cleaning Eyelash Extensions

Touching your eyes is a hard habit to break. It is a natural reflex to scratch them when they are weary, irritated, or clogged with unknown or unwanted particles.

However, it may not be the best thing to do right after your eyelash extensions are cleaned. Your hands carry possible contaminants that could damage your new lashes and might even cause you eye problems in the future.

You can still prevail over this trouble! This article will help you understand how this habitual pattern can negatively affect your eyelash extensions. It will also introduce some valuable tips and alternatives to overcome the unconscious urge to rub and keep your lashes looking their best. At the end of this post, you’ll learn how to break your old, pesky habit.

Why Do We Keep Touching Our Eyes?

Ever notice how often you check lashes every minute before cleaning them? Why is it that you can't help but touch it? There could be several explanations for this.

  • Gentle rubbing relieves stress and tension from the heavy feeling of eyelash extensions. It also helps promote relaxation. 
  • It removes any immediate irritants on the surface of the eye.
  • Due to the strong, heavy lash adhesives, people often hold their eyelash extensions. Eyelash adhesives are typically much stronger and heavier than the adhesives used for other types of false lashes. They can cause discomfort or pain to people when the extensions are first applied. 

Eye-touching might seem harmless, but it can harm your natural lash and your entire eye.

The Effects of Compulsive Eye-Touching

It's not unusual to develop habits like stroking or scratching eyes before cleaning your eyelash extensions. While it may appear harmless, this habit might cause breakage and shedding of the fine hairs on your extensions.

Not to mention, touching them with filthy fingers increases the risk of eye infection by transferring bacteria, debris, or dirt to the lash extensions. Plus, the oil from your skin can weaken the eyelash adhesive holding the extensions in place. This can cause damage to your natural eyelashes. 

Casual Tips to Fight the Eye-Touching Temptation

Is restraining oneself from temptation truly simple? Frankly, it’s challenging to distance your hands from your eyes. Moreover, due to normal eye and blinking movements, the extensions may inadvertently touch your skin and itch your eye even if you do not intend to.

Nevertheless, you’ll need these tips in the event of unconscious eye-touching.

  • It’s hard to break a habit immediately, so ease into it with gloves. The gloves act as a barrier, protecting your lashes from accidental contact, and it keeps your hands clean. So if you find this habit too difficult to break, at least do it with gloves!
  • Apply a layer of lotion or oil to your hands before bedtime. This practice can motivate you to not fidget with your extensions at night.
  • Keep your hands busy and occupied. It could range from holding a stress ball to playing with a fidget spinner.

Unable to Turn It Off? Regular Cleaning Can Save You

removing makeup as part of cleaning eyelash extensions

The last recourse should be a regular cleaning technique if you still cannot resist the need to touch your eyelashes. Although it may seem counterproductive to keep washing your eyes when all you want to do is leave them alone, this routine can help to reduce the urge to touch them. 

Here are some helpful tips we can share with you: 

Deeper Cleanser

Remove eye makeup with a gentle, oil-free lash cleanser when cleaning your eyes with eyelash extensions. Use a cotton pad to remove stubborn dirt on your lash line. Avoid rubbing or scrubbing your lashes as this might hasten hair loss.

Use a Lash Brush

To clean your eyelids with eyelash extensions, softly clean them outside to the inner corners with a clean, soft lash brush like a spoolie brush or lash wand. This cleaning tool can remove any dirt or debris that could have amassed over the day.

Invest in Good Hydration

A hydrating eye cream or serum can cure discomfort or irritation while wearing extensions.

Clean Water Works

Cleaning an eye with eyelash extensions involves properly rinsing your eyes with cool water and patting them dry with a soft towel to eliminate any dirt or debris that might be adhering to the extensions.

Harsh Chemicals Are a No-No

Avoid using harsh chemicals or strong lash cleansers that could damage the extensions. If you're on a tight budget, using soap and water as a gentle cleaner is acceptable as long as you don't pull on the extensions or lashes.

Invest in Lash Guards

These clear plastic shields attach to your lash line and prevent you from accidentally touching your lashes.

When in Doubt, Always Speak Up

Touching your lashes is a common reflex that often happens when feeling uncomfortable. You might feel it for many reasons, from the position of your lash extensions to the length of the lashes. 

If you're experiencing discomfort, it's important to speak to your lash technician about how to make them more comfortable for you. For example, they may be able to adjust the position of the lashes or lengthen them so that they're not pressing against your eye. 

In the meantime, make every effort to abstain from touching your eyelashes. Also, practice good lash care by carefully cleaning your lashes and avoiding anything that could damage them. 

The motivation to keep your hands away will increase as you get the hang of it.

Get More Lash Health Awareness Tips from BBA

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Final Thoughts

Certain habits like touching your eyes are particularly difficult to change. This is because you might not even be aware of them when they become "wired" into your brain. However, perseverance and effort can break even the most ingrained behaviours.

We hope this guide helped you avoid fiddling with your eyelash extensions. Want to know more about fighting subtle habits that could harm your eyelash extensions? Enrol at the Beauty Boss Academy course today!

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