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Light, Full, and Fluffy: An Introduction to Volume Lash Training Necessities

You talk to a friend about enrolling in an eyelash extension course. It immediately catches her attention and prompts her to ask, "Do you think we can do something about my lashes? They look very sparse right now." As a friend and as an aspiring lash artist, you want to give the best solution to her problem. 

Unfortunately, you're not yet fully equipped with the lash knowledge you need. You know there are different types of applications for each lash issue, and you don't want your friend to get into lash trouble. Indeed, there's a specific lash application needed for lashes like your friend's, which we call volume lash application. 

What are volume lashes? How do they work? How will you know if you're getting proper volume lash training? Keep reading to learn the answers, Lash Queen! 

What Is Volume Lash Application?

Volume lash application, also known as Russian volume lash extensions, is a one-to-many lash technique. It allows you to apply multiple strands of lash extensions to one natural eyelash.

What Are Volume Lashes?

Volume lashes are thinner than classic lashes (around .001‒.003 inches) and consist of a quantity anywhere between 2D up to 5D. So when we say 2D, it means that you apply two extensions to one natural lash. 

Who Benefits The Most From Volume Lashes?

Volume lash application is ideal for clients with sparse or scarce natural lashes. These extensions feel light and fluffy, and give the client's lash profile a fuller look. For these reasons, volume lashes are a popular choice. 

Volume Lash Extensions vs. Classic Lash Extensions

Volume lash goes through the same consultation process and precautions required in classic eyelash applications. Sparse lashes don't make a client automatically suitable for volume lash application. Sometimes, a client’s natural lashes aren't capable of it, so they will still need to consult with the lash technician to determine the best set for them. 

However, the equipment is different between classic and volume lash extensions. Volume lash application is an advanced technique, so your volume lash training kit will look a little different. This includes the type of tweezers and eyelash extension glue used.

volume lash training tweezer closeup

You'll learn a more in-depth walkthrough of these and other subtopics in a lash academy or beauty school. However, knowing the basics gives you an advantage to quickly understand what comes next. 

What Should You Look For in Volume Lash Training Online?

Now that you understand volume lash extensions, you're all set to hone your knowledge and skills with advanced volume lash training. With the massive pool of online courses, finding the best one for you can be difficult. Seek the following aspects when choosing a lash course. 

Eye Health and Consultation 

The course should teach you how to determine if your client is qualified for volume lash application. We don't want to cause eye trouble for your clients and ruin your booming lash career. 

Lash Application Sanitation

Hygiene is an essential quality of a lash artist. Sanitation comes first before pretty and fluffy volume lashes. Therefore, you should enroll in a course that teaches you proper hygiene before, during, and after every lashing session.

Volume Lash Application Methods

This is the core of a volume lash course. There are different techniques to achieve a perfect volume lash application. A lash training course should teach you basic to advanced methods on properly using tools, from preparation to aftercare.

Self-Care and Marketing

Your client matters, and so do you! Your eyelash class should remind you of it and teach you proper self-care practices. If you're learning all these to build your career, you must also acquire knowledge on marketing your business. 

Become a Lash Boss With Beauty Boss Academy!

Bring your friend's light, full, and fluffy lash dreams to reality with your exceptional skills! Lash training is a significant step to help you gain and grow your beauty expertise. 

Start Your Lash Training Online!

An excellent volume lash course doesn’t have to be just about volume lashes. Suppose you’ve read through this article and realize that you’re still not familiar with the fundamentals like classic lashes. In that case, don’t jump the gun and learn the basics first.

Classic lash application is a method wherein one lash extension is applied to a natural lash. It is suitable for clients with abundant lashes instead of sparse ones. Moreover, classic lashes offer a more natural look than volume extensions.

For an in-depth discussion on classic lashes, look up eyelash classes online that teach you the basics like Beauty Boss Academy's Classic Course.

It has everything you need to become a trusted and well-performing eyelash technician! Sanitation, lash theories, eye science and more—we offer high-quality modules and unlimited support to ensure you're getting the best of what you paid for. You may also add our Classic Starter Kit to your purchase for a more hands-on learning experience!

"I love lash extensions, but I don't know a single thing about what they're made of or how they're applied." No worries, this course is perfect if you’re starting at the very bottom. So, what are you waiting for? Be a part of our course today and hop on our Facebook community for more updates and discussions. See you there, Lash Boss!

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