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Eye Make-up Through the Years + What to Look For in Good Eyelash Classes Online

Time for a history lesson.

Cleopatra didn't have eyelash classes online, but there is a reason she is always portrayed with dark eyeliners and thick, sultry eyelashes in every movie adaptation ever. Heavy eyeliners and long, black eyelashes can be attributed first to the ancient Egyptians. However, Cleopatra or other ladies in high society were not the only ones doing it. 

Much like modern times, even men wore heavy eye makeup. They would apply kohl or a substance used as an eyeliner, not only on their eyelids but also on their lashes. And the reason is not just for aesthetics. It was actually to protect their eyes from the glare of the sun reflected on their arid homeland. If you have been to Death Valley or any desert-like condition, you'd understand why they did this. It served as sunglasses when sunglasses were not invented yet. 

At the turn of the dark ages, having a prominent forehead was the beauty standard, so most women would go to such lengths as shaving their eyebrows and removing their natural lash.

The gloomy period of cosmetics from the dark ages endured until the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, who was famous for wearing mercury-laced makeup to preserve the fair-skin ideal. When Queen Victoria held power, cosmetics began to be in vogue again. It was a period of great romance, so it was natural for women to adopt a healthier look by using rouges and enhancing their eyes with the first-ever mascara. Then, the 20th century was the pinnacle of cosmetics being socially accepted, and it continues until today. 

To say the least, eyelashes have had a long and curly history. But all different stages of this part of the cosmetic industry have all been worth it. Finally, we have reached a point where having a natural-looking eyelash extension that can't be washed off in a day is possible. You can even learn to make them through online courses. 

Challenges of Eyelash Extension Classes Online

If you have been thinking about learning how to attach eyelashes or have lash lift training, you certainly can with the right resources. Don't worry about having limited time to do the lash course because, with the internet, you don't even have to leave your house to attend cosmetology classes. 

However, because of the nature of the online classes, you will face a few challenges not present in a regular physical eyelash extension course. Here's what you can expect:

  • You learn at your own pace, so you might end up procrastinating.
  • There's no physical teacher, so you'll have to be good at following video tutorials. It might take some time to adjust, but you'll eventually get used to it. 
  • It might get boring since you don't have anyone to talk to during class.
  • Validation from a job well done will completely come from online sources. 

Basically, the challenge of online eyelash courses is really the struggle of being alone while doing the course. That's why you have to have a proper support system while doing the classes. 

Esthetics Training

Are online eyelash courses any good?

Now that you know the challenges of online classes, you can find a suitable course for you. To help you pick the right course, here are the characteristics it should have.

  • Detailed manuals

Online eyelash extension training is a self-learning experience. However, without adequate material, you won't be getting anywhere. It's exactly like your teacher announcing a quiz but didn't give you the chapters to study. 

Learning how to do lashes is a very technical process. Each lash is attached one by one with a step-by-step method. Aside from a training kit, you'll be given a course content module to follow, but it's not a guarantee that you'll learn effectively. After all, we have different learning styles. Some people learn through visuals, others through written words, and there are some who learn through hearing. 

Because being a lash technician focuses more on creating visuals (like a lash artist), you should have modules that are also visually accurate. Your modules should have quality pictures, proper labeling, and clear instructions.

  • High-quality video tutorials

It's a given that you'll never completely earn your skill about lash extensions from following your modules. You need a demonstration at some point. So video tutorials should accompany your modules. 

That said, it's not enough to watch any additional videos after finishing the module. Instead, you should watch the videos hand-in-hand with the module you were given. The best online teachers know that their students can't fully grasp concepts without a proper example. That applies to being a lash technician as well. 

The video quality also affects the whole learning experience. Aesthetics is such a precise process, so you need to see every single detail, no matter how small it is. For example, in lash styling, you're working with an area only a few centimeters wide, and precision is key. 

If the video quality is compromised, your learning is compromised too. You might end up making a mistake later on just because you didn't see it clearly in the instruction video. Your online courses should have the highest quality videos.

  • Incomparable support system

Just because you have enrolled in an online course does not mean you can't get adequate support. Choose an online beauty course with a solid support system. 

Getting feedback gives you the validation that you are doing something right and tells you the areas you can still improve. Expert opinion from your trainer should be available to you when you are going through the lash extension class. You may not be able to talk to them constantly, but they should be there for you when you're having difficulties. 

  • Gives certification 

Of course, the reason you might be doing this is that you want to start your own lash extension business. When you are a certified professional lash artist, you can have a small pool of clients even if you don't have your own lash bar. 

Being a lash technician doesn't mean you'll work yourself to the bone just to start your own lash career. You can begin by doing home service around your area. You can even market your skills to your friends and family first so that you'll have some experience. 

Establishing a lash studio is not an overnight thing. You'll need more than money to rent or buy a place. Besides that, you’ll also have to gain certification and experience. You might ask, can you get lash certified online? Yes. So choose your online course wisely. Double-check if you get certified after finishing the course so you'll have credibility. Just like how eyelash extensions are applied one by one, you have to consider each online course to find the right one for you. Think of it as an investment. Of course, you won't invest your resources in things that are not worth it, right? You shouldn't invest your time and money in an online course that doesn't give you much value either. If you need to talk to an expert, contact us at Beauty Boss Academy and start your lessons towards success.

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