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The Road to Getting a Lash Technician License

Do you know if your state or province requires a lash technician license to perform lash services?

To become a lash technician, one of the first things you need to do is to check your local laws. Some states or provinces have licensing requirements, but others do not. 

If your locale does require a license, what does that entail?

This post will provide an overview of the eyelash extension licensing process and discuss how to become a qualified lash technician in states or provinces requiring a license.

What Type of License Do You Need to Be a Pro Lash Artist?

The term lash tech license is confusing for many aspiring lash artists, so allow us to clear up the confusion. The license you need to get, should your locale require it, is a cosmetology or esthetician license, not a lash tech license per se. 

As a licensed cosmetologist or esthetician, you can legally perform several beauty procedures, including hair cutting or styling, nail care and lash extension application. 

How to Become a Licensed Lash Tech

Like any other regulated job, you must undergo training before you can get that coveted license. 

In getting your cosmetology/esthetician license, you'll need to complete a few requirements. Here are some of the things you’ll go through.

Important: This list is not exhaustive. Always check your local regulations for the complete requirements.

1. Attend an Accredited Beauty School

You must enroll in an accredited beauty school to get your eyelash extension license. You will learn the basics of popular beauty treatments in a cosmetology or esthetician program.  

2. Complete Practicum

Before getting your cosmetologist or esthetician license, beauty schools will also require you to complete your practicum. The duration may depend on your location. 

lash technician license exam

3. Pass a Written Licensure Exam

On top of mastering beauty basics in school and demonstrating your practical skills, you may have to take a licensure exam. 

Your local board of cosmetology or esthetics will facilitate this exam. Some require both written and practical examinations, while others only require the practical part. Also, due to health restrictions, some boards offer online examinations. 

4. Comply with Specific Local Requirements

Some requirements are province- or state-specific. For instance, South Dakota requires 16 hours of training before performing lash extension services. Meanwhile, Iowa requires lash procedures to be performed only in licensed lash salons. 

How Can I Specialize in Eyelash Extension? 

After getting your license, you can legally perform services as a lash technician. You can work for a salon or go freelance and be in charge of your time and rates. You can also open a lash bar and offer eyelash services there. 

However, some cosmetology programs do not teach enough about lash extensions. So, if you want to expand your skill set on applying lash extensions, you can enroll in a lash certification course. Doing this also allows you to perform lash services in areas where a certificate is enough. 

Enroll in BBA’s Online Lash Extension Course

Do you want to learn more about eyelash extension techniques and the business side of running a lash bar?

Beauty Boss Academy offers basic to advanced eyelash extension courses to help you become a competitive lash artist in the beauty industry. Develop your lash skills at your own pace and get support from our community of beauty bosses and like-minded lash professionals and aspirants. 

Enroll in our lash extension courses and become a certified lash artist! 

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