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Networking 101: Get Inspiration from Other Lash Artists in Tough Times

Working as an eyelash technician is beautiful and rewarding, but it's also tough in many ways. For one, starting from scratch can be difficult, such as determining the best lash style for your client's natural eye shape or learning to use lash tools for the first time. 

But those aren't the most overwhelming issues lash artists face. It's how they feel isolated in their journey, more than the learning curves of eyelash extension application and building a lash salon. When things get tough, many find it hard to open up, let alone find someone to talk to.

You're reading this because you're an aspiring lash artist looking for networking tips or a licensed lash tech struggling to connect. There, there. We'll walk you through some helpful tips to connect and get inspiration from other lash artists!

5 Ways to Connect With the Lash Community During Tough Times

Let's be real. Like any other business sector, the beauty industry can be a cold reality to some trying to make it in the market. We've learned that there are lash newcomers and professionals who feel isolated at some point in their journey. They also fear being bashed, shamed, and accused by other lash stylists.

This behaviour separates the lash industry when, in fact, we should be supporting and leaning on each other more! If you find yourself struggling with the same problem, here are some networking tips you can try to connect with your fellow lash artists. Let's grow and keep the glow together!

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Join a Social Media Group

Social media is social in every way, including business. Using it for marketing doesn't mean you can't use it to make friends with other lash technicians. In fact, it even encourages collaboration! So when you're looking for advice or someone who can understand your problems, join a social media group on popular beauty platforms like Facebook or Instagram.

Beauty Boss Academy, for instance, offers a free and private Facebook community for lash newbies and professionals. Here, we ask questions, share our expertise, and inspire one another to become beauty bosses! Joining a social media group will undoubtedly make you feel less alone; many people out there go through the same thing!

Attend Events Related to Lash Extensions

If you want to share your troubles and passion with fellow lash lovers, consider attending local events like lash seminars, conventions, trade shows, or conferences. You can make not only quick and genuine connections but also share tips, ideas, stories, or lash-related products with one another.

It's a fantastic environment where you'll always feel like you're a part of a warm and amazing community (which you are). Furthermore, it's not only lash professionals who attend and speak at these events. Other industry professionals, such as doctors and business owners, will help you expand your lash knowledge and network further.

Read Lash-Related Blogs

Meanwhile, do you want to connect with others but don't feel confident with your social skills? Maybe you're an introvert and don't feel like a good conversationalist. In that case, here's an approach that might suit you better: reading blogs. One of the reasons writers write is to tell people they're not alone in their thoughts, feelings, and experiences in life.

Check out some lash-related blogs about self-care, common lash stylist struggles, or even basic articles about the process. This will help you realize that everyone is constantly learning lash artistry, just like you, and it's normal to feel this way at times. You can even send the writer a sweet and thoughtful email; you never know what beautiful connections await you!

Watch Lash Extension Livestreams 

Livestreams make excellent marketing tools. Business owners love it because they're fast, extensive, and cost-effective ways to engage with the target audience and create an authentic connection. The statistics speak for themselves: 82% of audiences prefer live videos to social media posts, and they also get 24x the number of comments.

So go to your favourite eyelash brand, influencer, or academy and turn their social media notifications on! Whenever they hold a livestream, don't be shy to send questions or compliments you have in mind. They will certainly give you a shoutout or even contact you personally!

Enroll in an Online Lash Course

Finally, consider enrolling in a reliable and comprehensive lash extension course. Maybe you're already in one but don't know how to leverage it to connect with other lash artists. The point is, you should never feel alone in a class; however, we understand that online learning will not feel as intimate as face-to-face classes.

In that case, you must set high support standards when looking for an online course. A good one will have a lash trainer who responds quickly to inquiries, provides comprehensive learning materials to help you understand how things work, and inspires you to grow as a lash artist and person. Otherwise, it's time to look for another.

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Reminder: Take Social Breaks When Necessary

We hope any of the five tips above can make you feel less isolated and more connected with the lash community! It's a fulfilling line of work because you can improve someone's appearance and instill confidence in them. And when they're pleased with your lash service, you also feel good.

The lash industry should be a heartwarming and motivating place. Unfortunately, the life of a lash tech isn't always shining, shimmering, and splendid. Sometimes you will face lash business and growth challenges, which can be tough to overcome. 

At times like these, all you need is someone who will listen, understand, or give advice to help you power through the struggle. And where else can you get the quickest and best support possible? The lash community!

However, socializing isn't always the solution. You may feel exhausted at times from all the daily talking and working. So let us remind you: it's okay not to be a social butterfly. Take necessary breaks for a few hours, days, weeks, or even a month. You have to take care of yourself to last in this career and give the best service to your clients.

Here's a preview of our self-care tips to give you some ideas.

  • Social Breaks: setting client boundaries and reaching out to your loved ones
  • Physical Activities: yoga, daily exercise, a healthy diet, and getting enough sleep
  • Personal Self-Care: personal goal-setting and trying/going back to new/old hobbies
  • Work Enhancements: work breaks, cleaning and maintaining your workspace, and improving your lashing skills
  • Environmental Therapy: organizing your space and appreciating the outdoor scenery 
  • Emotional Care: writing down your thoughts and feelings and seeking therapy

Join Our Passionate Community of Beauty Lovers at Beauty Boss Academy!

As we all know, many business industries have cut-throat competition, and the lash industry is no exception. It's unfortunate that some lash technicians tear each other down instead of working together to become amazing professionals in a beautiful industry. As a result, many lash artists, particularly newcomers, often feel isolated and inferior to their peers.

But don't worry; not everyone is like that! So let's try reaching out to the lash community. Join social media groups, attend lash events, contact lash bloggers, engage in lash livestreams, or enroll in one of BBA's comprehensive lash extension training courses.

You never know when one of these encounters will alter the course of your life or the lash industry as a whole! So join us today, become an incredible lash boss, and create the best client experience for your future lash customers.

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