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7 Tips In Promoting Your Freelance Services As A Certified Lash Technician

Because of your innate talent for doing makeup, brows, and lashes, you usually give free services to family and friends. But after taking certified lash technician classes and getting trained, you can now proudly offer your services to a broader audience. As a result, your earning capacity also increases, which is one of the most significant advantages as a certified lash technician.

Expanding first to your neighbours and acquaintances is a good start, but let us help you market your lash services in different ways. Check out these marketing practices to promote your beauty offers!

  • Social Media Takeover
  • Starting your eyelash technician services on social media gives you many advantages since it’s free and convenient. If you want to fully harness the power of social media, begin by creating accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. It is best to advertise on as many platforms as possible to reach many audiences, especially if you’re a beginner. 

    As time goes by, when you have already gathered data on post impressions and see where your target audience is, you can focus on the sites where they are most active. Engaging content and regular posting are the way to go, but investing in paid ads is also a wise choice. In both situations, optimize the targeting of the ads to ensure you are reaching your target audience.

  • Launch Your Website and Vlogging
  • After social media, an excellent opportunity to reach your audience is by establishing a website where you can post the following content:

    • A comprehensive explanation of all your services
    • Informative articles about eyelash extension
    • Expert blogs talking about lashes
    • Client feedback features
    • Your day-to-day experience as a lash expert

    Go a step further from text to videos by publishing content on Youtube. According to research, 99% of marketers use video as their advertising technique as it is the most appealing to the audience. Establish your expertise by posting How-To videos and discussions about lashes. 

  • Ask Referrals and Reviews From Current Clients
  • Part of the lash training to become a certified lash technician is customer care. You’ll know how to assess the eyes and other medical conditions of your clients. You’ll also learn how to treat them professionally. This will convert them to loyal customers. If you do both excellently, you can confidently ask for referrals, and they would even do it wholeheartedly because they are satisfied with your service. 

    To make it easier for your customers, establish a feedback mechanism like asking them to leave testimonials and ratings on your social media accounts. You can also go classic with printed feedback that you can read for your improvement. 

  • Keep in Touch With Present and Future Clients
  • As you do lashes of your customers one after another, get their contact information so that you can get in touch. Keep them updated with your latest offers and services. You can also go the extra mile of sending them birthday and holiday messages they’ll surely love. These simple gestures allow you to build relationships with your customers. 

    As you grow your craft and earn more, you can invest in lead generation to acquire more contacts of your potential clients and pitch in your services to them. For beginner freelancers, answering beauty and wellness questions in forums with a bit of sales pitch is a thrifty way to reach new customers. 

    how to get certified as a lash technician

  • Widen Your Circle of Lash Experts and Marketers
  • You can jump-start making more connections in the lash industry during your lash technician certification training. Many centers offer an exclusive group created for alumni. It is a good start as you can get resources and updates from trainers and fellow lash technicians. As you continue to spread your wings as a lash technician, join conventions to increase your exposure to fellow practitioners and potential clients. 

    Expand your marketing by partnering with beauty and wellness influencers. They can seamlessly insert a call to action to contact you or visit your page if they want to have fabulous lashes.

  • Maximize Freelance Sites and Applications
  • Continue taking over the world wide web by publishing your portfolio on different freelancing sites like Upwork. Online marketplaces and Buy and Sell sites can also post your services to reach more potential clients. 

    In the beginning, you might have just a few clients, but you’ll indeed have more once you’ve established an outstanding reputation. So start your accounting early to monitor your income and expenses. Many software like Quickbooks and Xero can assist you instantly, or you can also partner with accountants to help you with your money. 

  • Improve Your Craft
  • Marketing yourself and showing your track record as a lash technician plays a massive role in getting more clients, so invest in yourself. Aside from the eyelash extension course, attend training on advanced lashing techniques so that you can add another certification under your belt. Being trained also gives you more confidence in your craft. You know that you can provide excellent service each time. 

    If you plan on operating in specific areas, check their rules and regulations as some require a licensed cosmetologist. In this case, apply for necessary permits. Update your profile each time, so your clients can easily see that you are a reliable lash service provider. 

    Final Thoughts

    Once you begin your freelance lash services, go all out with these marketing techniques, so you can grow and stabilize your roster of clienteles quickly. Make self-improvement and limitless earnings your motivation to make the tips above happen. 

    When it comes to improving your craft, Beauty Boss Academy got you covered. So, how to get certified as a lash technician? We offer the Classic Eyelash Extension Course if you want to make your craft official and get certified. We also have Complimentary Courses for lash technicians who wish to level up their skills. 

    When you are armed with knowledge from an eyelash extension training, you’ll be more confident in marketing your services. Your promises are not just words, as you know you can deliver quality output each time.

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