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4 Ways You Can Flex Your Beauty Academy Eyelash Extensions Services

You’ve finished an eyelash extensions course and have already applied for a lash tech license in your state. You even had a complete overhaul of your home so you can start bringing your clients in. You’re all set and ready except for one thing: attracting customers. What use are your eyelash extension training and charming lash extensions salon if you have zero customers?

A whopping 3.96 billion people are now on social media, making it a pool of potential customers. But how can you and your lash extension tech business take a slice of the social media cake? Knowing where, what, and when to post online can determine how your social media marketing performs. So if you need a few hints to improve your social media skills, you’re in the right place!

Continue reading to discover how you can flex your services online!

1. Chase Your Target Audience

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No matter how engaging your social media content is, it won’t reach your target audience if you aren’t on the same platform. So before you start planning your content calendar, identify which social media websites your target demographic often uses. You can begin with the most popular online platforms, as most people will be there anyway.

You might also be tempted to create accounts on every social media website, but this is ill-advised. When you are still in the process of getting your business moving, you’re likely to man everything yourself. Maintaining too many social media accounts will take too much time as a one-person operation, which may result in neglecting other parts of the business.

2. Create Eye-Catching Visuals That Stand Out

Do you know that 95 million new posts are uploaded on Instagram daily? With that incredible number of daily posts, you might feel intimidated or even discouraged from trying to take a foothold on social media. However, you can claim your piece of the social media pie by creating content that simply stands out among the thousands of others on the platform.

Here are some helpful tips that you can follow to make your online posts stand out:

Use Complementary Colors

When publishing your visual content, make sure they bear complementary colors instead of monochrome. Complementary colors are colors you can find opposite each other on the color wheel, while monochrome colors are similar shades of the same hue. Due to how color theory works, content with complementary colors quickly grabs the viewer’s attention.

Feature a Clear Subject

Whether it is a photo of yourself or your client’s beautiful lash extensions, make sure that the image you post has a clear subject. Help your audience realize what they are supposed to look at. For example, you can take advantage of the rule of thirds, leading lines, and other composition rules when framing a photo for social media use.

Don’t Overdo Your Editing

It’s easy to get carried away and add too many elements to your canvas when creating content for the first time. Remember to keep your editing to the minimum and only add elements that bring focus to your intended subject. Otherwise, your material can become too noisy, turning your target audience off.

3. Use Hashtags for More Exposure

Laptop and phone with hashtag graphics overlayed

Twitter introduced hashtags to the world in 2007. Fast forward to today, most, if not all, social media platforms use hashtags—from Instagram to YouTube. Hashtags make it less difficult for social media users to look for the content they like. So don’t forget to use hashtags in your social media posts for them to reach the right audience.

There are free and paid tools online that will help you determine the best hashtags for your posts. These tools show how many people are reached by a hashtag and how many posts include the hashtag. The rule of thumb is to include relevant hashtags with a large volume. This means that your posts would reach more people when using high-volume hashtags.

4. Curate Your Social Media Posts

While you can take a photo of your client's eyelashes or your lash studio and post it online, this content won't reveal your unique brand image. Your brand image sets you apart from other eyelash extension artists. Create a mood board before you post to establish your brand image. Once you’re ready to create content, diversify it by including static images and audio-visual content.

The time when you upload your creative content also matters. You would want your social media posts to be seen by your followers when actively using the social media platform. Some media websites have tools for brand pages to help them plan their content better. Many social media managers create and follow a content calendar to plan their content.

The Bottom Line

Flexing your eyelash extension skills that you worked hard to learn can bring you more clients. However, if you have yet to start your lash career, you can take the first step by enrolling as a lash artist student in the Classic Lash Course from Beauty Boss Academy.

The sooner you take the Classic Eyelash Extension Training Course, the sooner you can flex your eyelash extension business!

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