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Bust The Myths And Get Facts From An Online Lash Extension Training


Myths surrounding the beauty industry are perpetuated because of the lack of proper knowledge, but it's time for us to set the record straight. With online training for lash extensions, you can learn how to bust these myths and get facts from someone who has been in this industry for years! 

In this article, we'll list some of the most common erroneous beliefs about eyelash extension applications and introduce you to the proper knowledge you'll get from professional training. Spread truthful information by keeping the following details in mind. 

Must-Bust Myths

As a lash technician, it is your responsibility to spread correct information to your colleagues, especially your clients. Many individuals look into having lash extensions but do not continue because of fear coming from misinformation, which could affect the reputation of your service, and of course, your income. Like bad weeds, pull out these myths and bust them quickly before they spread.

Myth #1: Lash extensions are inconveniently heavy.

Clients must have had this notion that lashes are heavy after seeing a mega volume lash extension characterized by an overly thick appearance. For this lash type, up to 20 lashes are attached for each natural lash. The truth is, special thin lashes are used to ensure that the weight will not be too much and wouldn't bring the customer the inconvenience they fear.

This myth is even more untrue when it comes to classic and hybrid lash types. The classic lashes follow the 1 natural lash: 1 lash extension rule. Hybrid, on the other hand, follows a 1:2 or 1:3.

Myth #2: Lash extensions hinder the growth of your natural lashes.

People say that when you use adhesive and stick extension lashes, your natural lashes will stop growing— which is another myth! Educate your clients that lash extensions last for 4-5 weeks, and as the days go by, they'll notice that their perfectly shaped lashes will slowly look staggered because of different rates of lashes growth. 

In addition, assure them that you are trained to assess healthy and brittle lashes, so you'll know which lash to attach the extension to. A trained lash technician knows that baby lashes are not strong enough to serve as extensions attachment. 

online training for lash extensions

Myth #3: Self-service lash extension attachment and removal are okay.

This myth may have the most debilitating effect when left unproven to be true. Extension lashes are strictly not to be removed on one's own as it may cause the removal and inability of the natural lashes to grow back. The tough adhesives make the natural lash and extensions impossible to be detached on your own, unlike falsies which you can just spread glue on and stick or remove conveniently afterward.

Furthermore, the intricate steps of lash application need expert assistance, and clients doing it themselves create a high risk of the adhesives being applied too much, making lashes stick together.

Myth #4: Lash extensions do not need washing.

Understandably, clients protect their lash extensions from as many external forces as possible to maintain their beauty. But believing lashes are not to be washed should not be one of them. As a lash technician, you must debunk this belief and let your client know the proper way of keeping clean lashes. For example, offer lash foams which are safer to use than regular soaps. Although extensions are attached sturdily to your natural lashes, the cleaning also needs to be gentle to avoid the lashes from getting removed.

Myth #5: Lash applications do not need training.

Some states require a lash technician certificate before allowing any individual to offer their service. Hence, not needing a lash technician training is another myth as you'll need training by default. 

Clients also find trained and licensed lash technicians more reliable to take care of their lashes, which is an intricate part of their body. If you aim to go freelance, having a license and proper knowledge about your craft is an edge. While free training videos are being shared online, online lash extension training is still more in-depth and conducted by lash experts.

Facts You'll Learn From An Online Lash Extension Training

The best antidote to fake news hindering the growth of the lash extension industry is facts, which you will get from online volume lash extension training. The fact-checking process involves acquiring information from reliable sources. Here are some topics you'll learn from lash technician experts, and all these are accredited knowledge.

Eye Basics

An online course involves arming you with academic information about eye anatomy and different eye conditions. Not every customer will come to you with healthy eyes, so this information will help you assess your client's eyes and conditions properly. 

If you notice eye conditions such as blepharitis, eyelash lice, and conjunctivitis, it is a must that you refer your customers to a doctor first. As a result, your client's eye health is assured, and they won't end up blaming the lash extensions for any condition. 

Customer and Workplace Safety

You should also know if your client is allergic to any chemicals included in the products you will use so that you can adjust accordingly for your client's safety. Properly using different lash extension tools are also among the skills you will acquire from training. Familiarize yourself with these lash bar must-haves:

  • Isolation tweezer
  • Application tweezer
  • Bubble bath cleanser
  • Primer
  • Lash trays
  • Practice lashes
  • Paper tape
  • Adhesive
  • Adhesive stickers
  • Debonder
  • Remover
  • Mascara wands
  • Cleansing wands
  • Microtips
  • Fan
  • Mirror
  • Scissors

Aside from usage, you will also know the proper ways to keep all these tools clean and sterilized every time you serve new customers. Setting up and sanitizing your workplace will also be included in the modules you will discuss. 

online volume lash extension training

Different Types Of Lashes

Break the belief that wearing lash extensions is inconvenient by knowing these different lash types and styles and explaining them to your clients. 

Classic Eyelash Extension: This lash extension is characterized by having a 1:1 ratio of extensions and natural lash. 

Volume: Volume lashes use 2-3 extensions for each natural lash.

Hybrid: Hybrid extensions are the combination of both Classic and Volume lashes. 

Mega Volume: Some individuals like their lashes in the extreme style using mega volume lashes, which allow the attachment of up to 20 extensions for a single natural lash. 

You can discuss all these details with your customers, so they can make the right choice and not end up with lashes longer or heavier than they plan. 

Benefits Of Being A Licensed Lash Technician

Aside from lash application and removal skills, the best part about taking a lash course is the bonus of honing you to become a Beauty Boss! 

After the training, you'll get a certification which will serve as a passport in reaping more possibilities as a lash technician.

  • If you are a freelancer, you can offer your service even in areas requiring lash certification, which means endless possibilities for your income. 
  • With certification, you have more credibility. In a sea of lash technicians, your professional training will be your edge, especially if you plan on building your career in beauty and wellness businesses.
  • You can also become your boss and open your lash bar. You'll be more confident as you are trained with lash skills and given a preview of business management. 

Beauty Boss Academy's Lash Courses

Lash extensions are inconveniently heavy. Many people think that lash extension is too much effort, or it's just not worth the time to apply them every day, but this isn't true at all! They're surprisingly lightweight when they're done correctly and can be worn for weeks on end without any hassle whatsoever.Do you want to learn more about how lash extensions work and the myths surrounding their application? If so, take a look at our Classic Lash Technician Training. You'll be able to bust these myths by learning from an expert in this field. Contact us here on our website or connect with us on our social media accounts. We are more than happy to assist you with your needs.

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