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Self-Care Lessons You Can Learn From an Eyelash Technician Training

Imagine getting a client inquiry while you’re on a pleasant holiday chatter with the family. Perhaps, responding to one or two clients is fine, but what if they keep coming in regardless of the time and day? As passionate as you might be about your job, all work and no play is not the idea of a healthy and successful career.

Applying for an eyelash technician training course can help you nurture an excellent skill set for your career and realize how important self-care is for you and your clients. Are you ready to grow a successful lash business and bring a smile to your customer's face? For that to happen, it should start with you, dear lash artist.

The Lash Artist’s Self-Care Checklist: Which Areas Should You Pay Attention To?

Taking care of yourself is essential for a healthy, safe, and wonderful lash session between you and your client. However, if you're unsure of what things matter and where to start, we’ve enumerated essential points for you to check out below.

Vision Makes the Mission

Eyes are the centre of this job. Since eyelash application requires small and delicate work, you must have clear vision. Therefore, it's necessary to get your eyesight checked regularly or at least annually to keep track of your eye health. In addition, lighting is significantly involved in lash application. It can cause eye fatigue and other worse eye conditions in the long run if you're not careful of your eyes. 

Ophthalmologists recommend wearing glasses with updated prescription and magnification. Additionally, taking eye breaks can help prevent fatigue—you can massage areas over your eyelids, upper cheeks, temples, and brows to relax your eye muscles. Finally, to leverage your health practices, eat vegetables rich in beta carotene to help keep your vision healthy: have some broccoli, sweet potatoes, carrots, apricots, dark leafy greens, and more included on your daily menu.

Improving Air Quality 

Respiratory problems are one of the primary health hazards workers in the beauty industry face. Lash technicians primarily deal with fumes from the lash glue close to their faces when working. As a result, some lash technicians develop headaches and respiratory issues such as asthma or nasal symptoms due to excessive fume exposure. 

There are various ways to protect yourself from the dangers of poor air quality. For example, you can wear an N97 respirator dust mask or ensure sufficient ventilation when you work—lash technicians either work in a specific salon or remote setting, so there could be differences in air quality. Additionally, it is best to be careful with your products in stock: replace toxic items with ones that can absorb fumes instead. 

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Practice Good Posture

An eyelash technician doesn't require much physical activity and often remains seated during most of the session. Unfortunately, this also encourages bending positions when you work on the little details, causing neck and lower back pain. While prolonged sitting offers a lot of rest, it can also result in uncomfortable positions and cause pain in your joints and muscles.

Exercise is the key. Take quick, refreshing breaks (preferably 20-30 mins.) in between your client sessions: walk around, drink water to stay hydrated, and do some simple stretches for your shoulders, neck, and lower back. When working, adjust your chair to support your back and avoid sticking to one sitting position—move a little and switch posture from time to time. Lastly, make an appointment to get yourself a good massage! If you want to work in a lash business for a long time, you need a healthy and well-rested body. 

Properly Adjusted Tools

Lash technician self-care is all about the technician's health and the tools used. To conduct a successful, injury-free lash application, you need appropriately adjusted tools that have excellent quality. From tweezers to adjustable chairs, you need to set them up properly not to affect the quality of your service.

You will learn how to use the right tools provided in your starter kit in your lash training, such as tweezers, adhesives, and more. These tools can cause wrist injuries and poor lash retention when not used properly, so it's a necessary inclusion in training. Additionally, it is best if you have well-adjusted lighting, tables, chairs, and client beds. These adjustments help protect your posture and conform to the various sizes of your clients—it's essential so that you and your clients feel comfortable throughout the session.

Stress-Free Mental State

Mental health is wealth: this applies to all kinds of jobs, no matter how passionate you are about your career. You'll learn about establishing artist-client relationships in your eyelash extension training, realizing that you're there as a lash technician and a friend they can confide to about life. Sometimes, the stories shared with you can keep you up at night, and you could be stressing yourself out to an excessive extent. 

Emotional drain can affect your quality of work, and, well, you don't want a disappointed client at the end of a lash session. So ensure to keep your mental health in check—don't take your clients' problems personally and simply hear them out. Instead, after you work, invest in things that allow you to build peace of mind and help you sleep soundly at night. 

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Organization to Make Things Easier

Every job has inevitable difficulties, and this usually applies to things you don't have much control over, such as customer service and financial management. As your lash business continues to grow, these aspects give you more and more work, which can get messy and frustrating when you cannot consistently keep track of them.

In that case, leverage the power of technology to keep your work organized! First, use a separate device and account for your customer inquiries, so they don't mix up with your personal communications. Then, use automated systems for your booking and financial tasks. If that's not enough, perhaps you can afford a separate team to handle your financial and customer service systems. 

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Final Thoughts

Although an eyelash career focuses on getting the proper eyelash application for a client, it doesn't mean you have to neglect self-care demands. A successful career is all about work-life balance; if you can take care of yourself well, it will also reflect on your service, and customers will remember you for it. Want to become the best eyelash technician? The training starts with you!

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