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Eyelash Technician Training: How To Advertise Your Lashes With A Lash Photo Booth

What's the first thing people do after getting their lashes done? They grab their phones and take selfies. In the modern-day setting, people take photos of themselves when they like how they look. It's especially rampant in the beauty industry since one pays to enhance their appearance. 

At first, it seems like a personal preference, but selfies also matter in the lash business. In the social media era, this can be super handy for your career. You can use it for digital marketing and make more money in the long run. 

You'll learn the importance of building a lash photo booth to help grow your lash career when you enroll in an eyelash technician training course. While you're on a quest on how to become an eyelash technician, learn the basics first with this article. 

3 Reasons Why a Lash Photo Booth is an Amazing Addition to Your Lash Studio

The thought of making perfect lashes and your happy clients sharing them online is one way to a successful lash career. So what are the reasons why a lash photo booth is important to include in your studio?

We Live in The Age of Social Media

Digital platforms continuously dominate the business world, so companies have started focusing on online marketing. More than any other industry, the beauty sector is all about visuals. 

As a result, it becomes very important to consider things such as photo booths in planning your strategies. After taking their beauty selfies in your booth, where else do those pretty photos go? Social media, of course! Instagram and TikTok take the top two ranks for the best social media channels to help grow your beauty career.

It's Free Marketing

If you think advertising is always associated with money, it's not the case with lash selfie stations. Once your client takes a photo and uploads it on social media, the chances of brand awareness are high. 

Moreover, if they use hashtags or post publicly, it will surely give your lash business a traffic boost. And what's the best thing about all that? It's free advertising!

It Drives Ambition 

Building a lash selfie station means that you need to produce results that are worth a selfie. As a result, it pushes you to keep striving and improving your skills. It will be a win-win situation for both ends: you grow your skills, your clients are happy, and your business makes more money!

beautician takes a photo of client’s eye

4 Tips to Build an Incredible Lash Photo Booth

Now that you understand the essence of a photo booth in your lash career, let's get down to business. Turn those camera clicks into limitless ka-ching with these tips!

Offer Something In Exchange for a Social Tag or Hashtag

We previously mentioned that selfie stations are free marketing. However, it's not yet the maximum level of your opportunities. It would be best if you could also offer something in exchange for applying effective strategies. 

For example, not all customers probably know that using an Instagram hashtag or tagging you in their post gives your business more brand exposure. If you can encourage and teach your clients how to do that in exchange for a 5% discount on the next eyelash services, they will more than willingly do it for you. 

Use Proper Lighting and Spacing

Good lighting makes a significant difference. Hence, a lash artist shouldn't miss it in a lash studio's photo booth. Use natural light as much as possible, but since it's not available 24/7, you can use a ring light as an alternative. Additionally, be mindful of shadows and excessive brightness; these elements won't do your photos any good.

Meanwhile, make sure to provide a private space for your client. They might not like the idea of someone else watching them take photos of themselves. Make a closet-like booth where even the camera-shy can pose as freely as they please.

Use Powerful Angles and Content Ideas

Photography skills are as important as a perfect eyelash extension application. Whether you plan to take the photos on your own or hire a professional to do the job, make sure to discuss angles and content ideas. With angles, ensure that the eyelashes are the main focus and capture different sides so that people can see every detail of your work.

Meanwhile, you can try different social media platform features like Instagram stories or Boomerang for content ideas. Don't forget to include an original caption about the lash look and add in some useful lashing tips if you can.

Do Not Overdo Your Edits

Is photo editing advisable? It's not a problem at all, but make sure to keep things moderate. You can crop or tweak some elements that you find lacking. However, avoid editing the actual photo excessively, such as using strong filters or adjusting parts of your client's face. Instead, keep a natural and honest look.

Make Instagrammable Lashes With The Classic Course

When clients like their new lash look, they want to document it as soon as possible. Help them out and watch your clientele grow fast by setting up a lash station in your studio. It doesn't have to be a luxury; it only needs a nice background, some private spacing and good lighting, and then you're good to go!

Before you get deep into selfie stations, here's a question for you: do you have what it takes to make selfie-worthy lashes? If you find that you have to start from basic lash training, Beauty Boss Academy's The Classic Course has all the answers on how to become a licensed eyelash technician. Enroll in our eyelash course online with or without prior experience; just bring your big love for lashes!
By joining our academy of beauty lovers and professionals, you'll get access to high-quality content, discussions, and news about the lash industry. See you there soon!

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