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Eyelash Extension Training—Weave Your Future by Becoming a Lash Artist

Do you want to become a fairy godmother while earning a hefty sum of money? Then, it is time for you to undergo eyelash extension training. Women always want to look great, and having thick and well-curled lashes is a must! Not all the people in the world are blessed with a nice pair of lashes. But that’s no problem, thanks to all the beauty experts who have made many innovations in the field of aesthetics and wellness. Today, lash professionals are in demand because of the growing lash industry.

A lash extension artist earns as much as $21.29 per hour, equivalent to $44,302 annually. It is a promising career in an industry that keeps on breaking records. In 2019, eyelash extensions reached the highest search volume at 100%, according to Google.

It is time for you to weave your future by helping women build their confidence with the help of lash extensions. Let's take a dive into the best academy and courses for your lash extension training.

Beauty Boss Academy and the Best Lash Extension Courses for You

Beauty Boss Academy (BBA) is made up of beauty professionals who have a common goal of making a boss out of you; helping you expand your skillset as you grow with the knowledge you learn from them. Since COVID-19 and its variants are still on the rise, it is safer for you to attend eyelash extension training online. BBA aims to provide high-quality online education and training while simultaneously introducing you to a group of beauty professionals who can help you network. The Academy's courses are 100% formulated and executed by legitimate experts.

BBA has the perfect program for aspiring lash experts. The program is under Lash Boss Academy, operated by BBA, a one-stop-shop for everything you need to learn about lash extensions. The Classic Lash Course is the perfect stepping stone on your journey towards financial freedom. This eyelash extension training costs $497. As you get into this course, you will get access to the following online course modules:

  • Module 1: Sanitation, Sterilization, and Safety: In this module, you will learn how to protect you and your clients’ health and well-being.
  • Module 2: Eye Conditions: This will teach you how to handle different eye conditions and allergic reactions when lashing.
  • Module 3: Workplace Setup: One of the most exciting modules that will teach you how to set up your lash clinic properly for a healthy lash environment.
  • Module 4: Client Consultation: This module will teach you how to perform a thorough interview with your clients to identify the correct approach for their lash needs.
  • Module 5: Eye Anatomy: This Health and Science portion will refresh you about the eye's anatomy, the growth cycle of eyelashes, and more information about the natural eyelash curl.
  • Module 6: Curl Theory: This module will help you understand eyelash curls and extensions.
  • Module 7: Lash Styling: This part is where you will learn about the different lash styles and when to create or use them.
  • Module 8: Prepping the Lashes: You will learn how to prepare natural lashes for extensions in this module.
  • Module 9: Adhesive: This area will give you more information about lash adhesives and how to use them properly.
  • Module 10: Application: The module where you will get to know the application of lash extensions.
  • Module 11: Aftercare: The part where you will be educated on how to maintain lash extensions.
  • Module 12: Fill Appointments and Removals: The final module where you will perform fill and removal of individual and full sets of lash extensions.

Aside from the access to lash extension course modules, you will also enjoy the perks below:

  • Access to high-quality training videos
  • Extensive application training
  • Unlimited ongoing support
  • VIP network to industry professionals
  • Business development support

NOTE: The Lash Boss Academy's eyelash extension training kit is sold separately. You can purchase the Classic Starter Kit for $199. But together, you can get the Classic Course plus kit for only $646 and save up to $50!

BBA has more surprises for you! If you are already a professional lash artist, you may enjoy Lash Boss Academy's Complementary Courses that serve as refresher courses to your classic eyelash extension technique for free!

What's Next?

The lash industry is still expanding, and it is never too late for you to join the bandwagon. Start your journey towards becoming a lash artist today, and empower women through gorgeous eyelash extensions!
Visit Beauty Boss Academy and sign up for our Classic Lash Course for effective and memorable eyelash extension training. For inquiries, you can send us an email at [email protected] or follow @lash.bossacademy on Instagram. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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