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Eyelash Extension Training Course Sneak Peek: Eyelash Extension Styles

A figure of speech goes like this, “Jack of all trades, master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.” You could go your whole life with this dilemma—figuring out whether you want to be a jack of all trades and not have any specializations or have at least one particular expertise. If you want to be a professional in the beauty industry, you don’t have to choose between the two; simply take an eyelash extension training course online. 

The best eyelash extension training course will hone you to be a jack of all trades—knowing how to do different lash styles—and an overall master of eyelash application. How so? Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll learn as a lash technician in training. 

Natural Looking/Classic Lash

Many clients will come to you asking for lash extensions that are not too flashy but will give their eyelashes more volume and length. As an expert eyelash technician trained with the classic and volume lash course, you know that a natural-looking or a classic eyelash extension is what your client is looking for. 

This style is best for individuals who already have full lashes but want some additional length or those who already have long lashes but want more volume. 

Staggered/Mixed/Hybrid Lashes

As a lash artist, you’ll see different terms being used by other lash services for this lash style: staggered, mixed, or hybrid lashes, they would call it. But this lash style is just a combination of classic lash extension and volume lash sets. When the two sets are mixed, the output is thicker lashes with more volume, which is best for individuals who want their lashes to be more attractive and offer an elevated natural look. 

Volume Lashes

As the name itself suggests, volume lashes is the lash style to use to achieve fuller lashes. For this style, up to eight lashes are glued to a single lash, so your client’s lashes can be eight times thicker than the original lash after the service. If this sounds too thick for your customer, you can recommend beginning with three lashes per lash, which is the minimum attached for each natural lash. 

Mega Volume Lashes

If you think three to eight lashes glued on a single lash is already too much, wait until someone asks for the mega volume eyelash service, which glues a total of 20 lashes to a single lash. However, there is no need to worry about having too heavy lashes because special and thinner lashes are used for this style to ensure your customer's comfort. Your clients will love saying goodbye to lash mascara with this eyelash style. 

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Doll Lashes

Down to another scenario during a client consultation: The client is particularly concerned about the size of her eyes—she wants them to look bigger and brighter! As a lash stylist, you nod in agreement and immediately recommend the doll lashes style as this is the best for individuals with smaller eyes. The lashes will be concentrated in the middle of the eyes and shorter in the outer parts, allowing the eyes to appear rounder and brighter. Your client will be in awe of the dazzling output for sure! 

Cat Eye

Another client arrives, sporting cat eye makeup with eyeliners drawn thicker at the outer side of the eyes. In a heartbeat, you know what sales pitch to make. You can begin by suggesting the cat eye lashes. Cat eye lashes have shorter lashes in the inner part of the eyelid and longer in the out lashes. These lashes are a great match for individuals who love cat eye makeup. 

Open Eye

The open eye is a unique lash technique because the lashes are glued to the gentle peak above the pupil. As a result, your client will have a bigger and rounder eye shape. The lashes for this lash type are longer in the middle and shorter in the outer sides, so when other people look at their eyes, their focus is on the middle part, the widest portion of the eye. 

Beauty Boss Academy Eyelash Extension Training Course

You’ll learn all these different lash styles if you sign up for an online lash training course. The best part is that you will not have the ideas in your head but can see the actual process of styling lashes. You can also get a complete lash extension kit you can use, so you can start practicing yourself. Ready to do it in actuality and learn more about eyelash extension styling? Are you already googling “How much is eyelash extension training”? Beauty Boss Academy’s Classic course and Complementary lash training course may be just what you need! Enroll now or follow us on our social media for inquiries and more information about our offers.

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