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Eyelash Extension Technician Training: Everything About Adhesives And Doing It Right

After every lash extension service, your clients walk out with eyes that are as expressive as ever. You get plenty of positive client feedback because you deliver great work as promised. 

Behind all the glory and good reviews is your painstaking journey to get every lash extension right. For both long or baby lashes, you ensure that each lash strand has properly attached extensions that will make the lashes look fuller for longer. 

To be the best lash technician, having the right tools help a lot, aside from your skill and perseverance. 

As humble as it is, the proper adhesive plays a huge role in ensuring your customers’ lashes are always perfect. Knowing everything about adhesives and doing it right can get you more and more positive client feedback each time.

Knowledge of Different Types of Adhesive

There are three types of adhesives: black, clear, and low-sensitivity. Black adhesives are the most commonly used for lash extensions. However, if customers are allergic to black carbon, going for equally effective clear adhesive is better. For clients with more sensitive skin, a solution containing lower levels of cyanoacrylate is available. However, they do not dry as fast as the black and clear versions. 

Aside from the excellent feedback, here are the other benefits you’ll reap in picking the proper adhesives. The right adhesive is essential in getting a lash technician certification, so let us give you a sneak peek for your reference.

Client eye health safety

In an eyelash technician training program, client and workplace safety are the first topics you will learn about. You’ll go through eye anatomy, different eye conditions, and how to interview clients about any health conditions and allergies to chemicals. With this, you’ll have the knowledge to know if you are using the most suitable adhesive for your client. 

Achieve lasting lash extensions

The primary benefit that makes lash extensions more appealing than falsies is that they can last for five weeks. With a reliable adhesive keeping natural lashes and lash extensions together, no clients will return to you complaining of extensions falling off too soon. 

Professionalism spread through word of mouth

Since you are doing a good job, your capabilities will spread like wildfire, boosting your lash career. Give it some time, and clients will crowd the salon you are working in. If you are a freelance lash technician, good job! You will have grown your network of customers because of your dedication and meticulousness with all the products you use. 

eyelash technician training program

Eyelash Extension Technician Training: Tips From Experts

Most of the time, it’s the small things that count. Adhesives come in small bottles, but the extent of their effect on your client’s final lash look is immense. To ensure that your lash extension service is always done right, here are some tips:

Tip #1: Stock all types of adhesives

Although there are different types of adhesives, there is no need for you to pick only one. We encourage you to always keep all kinds of adhesives available in your kit. When humidity changes or different clients arrive, you'll have adhesives to match the situation.

Tip #2: Pick adhesives based on your skill

Aside from considering your client's allergies, another factor that will affect your adhesive choice is your skill as a lash technician. Are you a beginner who still needs more time to attach extensions? Then, you’ll need adhesives that take some more time to dry. If your eyelash extension application skill is like a pro, regular adhesives that dry within a few seconds won’t be challenging to use. 

Tip #3: Get tools to complement your adhesives

There are three other tools you’ll want to use with adhesives: a lash nano mister, a hygrometer, and a dehumidifier. Adhesives dry faster with a lash nano mister, while the hygrometer gives you knowledge of room humidity. The basic rule is the more humid the place, the faster the adhesive will dry. However, humidity higher than 70% is too high, and at this level, you’ll need a dehumidifier. 

Tip #4: Know how to maintain and prepare adhesives

Shaking the adhesives is a must for the content to be well-mixed. Shake a new bottle 30 times with 10 shakes for old ones before use. To do this, open the bottle, get a piece of paper to cover the nozzle hole, and start shaking. After use, wipe any spills with paper and close the bottle to avoid hardening the adhesive and clogging the nozzle. 

Learn More At Beauty Boss Academy

Every tool you’ll have in your lash bar is essential, and getting to know each one at an expert level would be helpful for you to do your tasks efficiently. For adhesives, these are the facts and tips you need to know.

You’ll get all this knowledge and more once you get your lash technician training here at Beauty Boss Academy. Like you, we are meticulous in everything inside our lash bars. Let us help you grow your list of satisfied clients by enrolling in our classic and complementary courses. We'll help you keep your lash technician knowledge fresh and up-to-date. 

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