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The Eyelash Extension Style Chart: A Beginner Lash Artist’s Guide

Picture-perfect lashes that suit the client’s face—it’s the ultimate goal of a lash artist. But when dealing with various eye shapes, natural lash lengths, and other factors, where do you even begin? Here’s where an eyelash extension style chart comes in handy!

If you want to choose the best lash extensions for your clients and make sure they get the look they want, here’s what you’ll have to consider in a lash extension style chart. This blog post offers a complete rundown of basic and advanced lash styles, making the choice easier for newbie lash artists. Let’s start with the fundamentals.

The 3 Fundamental Elements of a Lash Style Chart

Every lash artist has their fair share of clients asking, "Which extensions will suit me best?" Clients who have never had lash extensions ask, "What lash extensions should I get?"

An eyelash extension style chart is a visual guide that answers these questions. Developed by professional beauty experts, it covers all the details a client needs to understand her options before a lash session.

Achieving the perfect lash look for your client requires basic knowledge of the following:

#1: Lash Extension Curl Chart

Presenting the various types of lash curls to your clients is essential to ensuring their satisfaction. It opens up possibilities for a truly one-of-a-kind look. 

Here are the different lash curl options.

  • J Curl: This curl is relatively flat, but it is typically used as a mixed curl. You can also apply it onto lower lashes that need some definition.
  • C Curl: This universally loved curl is popular for its ability to bring out the beauty of any eye shape. Although it’s the most versatile among the curls, it’s not ideal on the outer corners of downturned eyes or really straight natural lashes.
  • B Curl: The B curl accentuates the client’s eyes without looking overly intense. It’s less curly than the C curl, allowing it to mix well with other curls or serve as a base curl for those with naturally curly lashes.
  • CC Curl: This curl is a bit tighter than the classic C curl, perfect for adding extra volume to your client’s lashes.
  • D Curl: D curl lashes look stunning on clients with straight natural eyelashes. But beware of going overboard—it's best to use the D curl sparingly and not throughout the entire eye.

#2: Lash Extension Diameter Chart

Choosing the adequate lash diameter or thickness for each client is vital for an alluring lash look that can withstand wear. Lash extensions come in various diameters to create basic to advanced lash styles. Let’s take a look.

  • 0.03 mm: This diameter is perfect for making mega volume fans with 7+ lashes per fan.
  • 0.05 mm: This diameter works well for 6–7D volume fans.
  • 0.07 mm: This diameter is great for making 3–5D volume fans.
  • 0.10–0.12 mm: This diameter is perfect for either hybrid or classic lash sets (depending on the thickness of the natural lash).
  • 0.15 mm: This thickness is only recommended for classic lash sets. 

#3: Lash Extension Length Chart

Deciding on the perfect length for your client’s lash extensions can be daunting, but keeping a detailed guide will be helpful. With a range of options to fit every individual’s natural eyelashes, all that’s left is picking the proper measurements:

  • 6–7 mm: These lash lengths work great in the inner corner of the eye.
  • 8 mm: You can apply this eyelash extension length onto the inner or outer corner of the eye.
  • 9–12 mm: These lash lengths are the most popular.
  • 13 mm: This length is considered long, yet it’s still popular.
  • 14–15 mm: These lengths are less popular choices; many clients do not have natural lashes strong enough to support them.
  • 16 mm: This length is the longest. Note that our natural lashes are usually not strong enough to handle this length.

Lash Styling: Combining Curls, Lengths, and Diameters

a beautiful young woman during lash extension application

Having a handy lash extension style chart that you and your clients can refer to during consultation is a great start to creating a lash style. 

But it’s not enough to know the curls, lengths, and diameters—you also have to understand how to mix and map them while considering your client’s comfort and preference. 

Aspiring lash artists should at least learn the four classic lash extension styles before moving to advanced options.

#1: Natural Lash Style

This lash look subtly enhances the client’s beauty. A combination of 7- or 8-mm lashes in the inner corner and longer lengths evenly dispersed throughout both eyes creates an open-eyed look.

#2: Dolly Lash Style

Begin by placing your longest lash extension in the centre and then the short lengths onto both corners. Fill in the rest of the eyes with mid-length extensions to connect the centre and the corners.

#3: Cat Eye Lash Style

Cat eyes can add an extra edge to your client’s overall look. To achieve this, use the longest lash extensions on the outer corner of the eye for an intense eyeliner effect. But before you proceed, make sure the strength and thickness of your client’s outer corner lashes can handle long lengths.

#4: Butterfly Lash Style

Start by placing the longest lash extensions beneath the arch of your client’s eyebrows. Then use shorter lengths as you move outwards. This style is more subtle than a cat eye and friendly to the delicate baby lashes on the corners.

How To Know What Kind of Eyelash Extensions To Get?

eyelash extension style chart: do's and don'ts

A lash style that works for one person won't necessarily work for everyone else! It’s your job to determine and tailor a style specifically for each client by paying close attention to their eye shape. 

Having an eye shape guide available upon consultation can be very beneficial in identifying the perfect style for each client. With this resource on hand, any lash stylist can create the perfect look that brings out the natural beauty of their client.

That said, let’s discover the different eye shapes you’ll encounter:

  • Almond Eyes: Almond eyes are an ideal eye shape. They are a breeze to work with since they suit practically any lash style. 
  • Round Eyes: The cat eye or butterfly lash style will do wonders for clients with round eyes. Avoid using D, L, and M curls in the centre of this eye shape. These curls will emphasize the roundness, making your client look startled.
  • Close-Set Eyes: The trick in styling this eye shape is to create the illusion of space between the eyes. Longer lashes will do that. Similar to round eyes, the cat eye and butterfly lash styles work great for close-set eyes.
  • Far-Set Eyes: This eye shape is characterized by the large distance between each eye. The key is to narrow that gap. Dolly and natural lash styles are suitable for this eye shape. 
  • Monolid Eyes: This eye shape features no visible crease in the eyelid. The goal here is to give them a more open appearance. Curls like CC or L can help. Using long lash extensions will also open up the eyes.
  • Deep-Set Eyes: Deep-set eyes can be a beautiful feature that makes the brow bone more prominent. To give your client’s eyes more dimension, use a C, CC, or D lash curl. 
  • Upturned Eyes: For clients with this eye shape, you’ll want to soften the upward slant of their eyes. A dolly or natural lash style will create a truly enchanting look. Avoid lash extensions that are too curly on the outer corner; these include D, L, and M curls. 
  • Downturned Eyes: The natural lashes on the outer corner are usually straight. But with a D, L, or M curl, you can create the illusion of lift. A butterfly style is also perfect for this eye shape.

Want More Beginner Lash Tricks from the Pros? Enroll in Beauty Boss Academy

A professional lash style chart is great to have in each lash bar. It helps clients understand the different styles and lash artists identify which suits the client best.

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Unleash your inner beauty boss and get ready to wow clients. Check out our eyelash extension courses today!

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