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Master the Art and Basics of Lash Application With an Eyelash Extension Course

Are you planning to enroll in an eyelash extension course? Perhaps you’ve developed a newfound interest in lash extensions and wanted to learn more about this beauty procedure, or maybe you want to pursue a career in beauty, and lash training is your top choice. For whatever reason, the best time to sign up for this specialty course is now. Due to the restrictions brought about by various states and provinces all over Canada and the US, beauty academies now offer these classes online. 

So even if you're busy working on your full-time job or academics, you can easily hop on an eyelash extension course online and master the essentials at your own pace. Although eyelash technician training programs are usually offered in a physical learning setup, several institutions have now optimized how they carry out their lessons to cater to the new normal.

With the change in how these beauty academies deliver their classes, here's what you can expect to learn when you enroll in an eyelash extension course online.

Eye Anatomy

Of course, the most basic takeaway a budding eyelash technician should gain from this course is understanding eye anatomy. Although it won't be as in-depth as learning all about the specific parts in a degree course, you will be taught sufficient knowledge on how the eye works. For example, you'll know how different the upper eyelid lashes from the lower eyelid lashes are in length and angle, as well as the purpose they both serve. 

The more you understand how a healthy eye should be, the more you can entertain and properly answer your client's questions. This information is also helpful, especially if you encounter someone hesitant in getting eyelash extensions. You can then share some of this knowledge with them for their peace of mind.

Eyelash Extension Application and Removal

The main chunk of lessons you'll learn when you enroll in an eyelash extension course is how you apply and remove eyelash extensions. When taking the licensure certification to become a lash artist, your techniques will matter! So while most of these online courses occur in short learning periods, you have to give them your utmost attention. 

One advantage of enrolling in an eyelash extension course online is you can always replay the lessons if you didn't catch it right the first time around. Since classes are pre-recorded, you have the freedom to watch them anytime you want to. Although there's no direct supervision to exchange feedback on how well you’re doing, you can always message your instructors, take a photo or video of your results, and ask them how you can improve. So if you worry that you're not going to get prompt feedback, know that there's a beauty academy that caters to all their students properly.

You have to take advantage of this feedback since lash application and removal are pivotal in starting your career in this industry if this is what you aim for. You'll learn the different lash application techniques and how to carry them out properly. In addition, you'll be taught which tools you should use for such procedures. It's important to know that there are various techniques you can use for eyelash application and removal. These techniques will vary depending on your client's choice of lash extension and eye shape. Since you'll cater to clients with different eye shapes and preferences for their extensions, you have to master applying it with varying methods.

Health and Safety

Aside from anatomy and eyelash extension application techniques, it would help if you also emphasized applying health and safety protocols. Since you will get certified as a lash technician, your license may be revoked anytime you endanger someone's eye health. 

These topics are typically included in an eyelash extension online class because you must know the different techniques and sanitary procedures for a no-risk lash application and removal. You will also be taught how to do a patch skin test to see if your clients have any allergic reactions to the lashes you're going to apply. If they do, you'll learn how to manage it and choose which lashes will go perfectly with their lash type.

client communication

Communicating With Clients

Since you will be dealing with clients every day when you become a certified lash technician, you have to be comfortable communicating with them. You might think that almost everyone knows how to talk to people properly, but it's a different thing when you're in the customer service industry. You'll learn how to suggest products without sounding too aggressive in selling something, give aftercare advice, or say why their eyes aren't healthy enough to have extensions applied on them.

Final Thoughts

There's no better time to enroll in an eyelash course than today. If you're still looking for the best eyelash extension course in the UK or online, check out Beauty Boss Academy. Our Classic Course tackles everything listed above, along with how you can start your own lash business. The additional business lessons set us apart from other beauty academies—here, you are set to be a girl boss. So, enroll with us today and know more about how you can be a successful lash technician or lash bar owner!

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