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Sterilization, Sanitation, and Disinfection: An Eyelash Course Will Help You Learn What These Terms Truly Mean

The first and most important step in learning something new is to understand the inside terms that are regularly used. This is also true in the lash extension profession. Terms such as "disinfecting," "sterilizing," and "sanitizing" are common in the eyelash technician's lexicon.

What makes it challenging is that these terms are misused in different contexts by a layman. We hear it and even use it ourselves. That's why we often let go of this interchange of terms because we think they mean the same thing. But now that you're taking your lash extension passion to a more serious level, it's time to set the record straight on these terms. Knowing their differences could mean a flourishing lash career.

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Disinfecting vs. Sterilizing

Disinfecting and sterilizing differ in terms of degree. As a professional lash artist, it's important to know that sterilizing is a step higher than disinfecting when it comes to killing microorganisms from your non-disposable tools and equipment.

Disinfecting your eyelash extension kit is a practice that you will do to remove bacteria and kill viruses that may be lurking on your lash equipment. This can be done with readily available disinfectants, such as chemical sprays, anti-bacterial wipes, or isopropyl alcohol. It kills most germs from your tools, but not bacteria that are immune to disinfectants, such as bacterial spores.

This is where sterilization comes in. This process eliminates all microorganisms, both good and bad. It involves the use of stronger disinfectants. Sometimes, it may even involve packing the tools in a sterile bag and storing it in a high-temp sterilizer.

Sterilizing vs. Sanitizing

Sterilizing is the most intense form of killing microorganisms. Sanitizing, on the other hand, can be considered as a mellow version of disinfecting.

It's easy to confuse the terms "sanitizing" and "sterilizing" because they sound the same. That's why as a lash technician, it's important to know the difference. You will be practicing both sanitation and sterilization, and if you're confused with the terms, you could be doing something you're not supposed to be doing. And mistakes will cost you resources.

In a lash clinic, you will be doing more sanitizing than sterilizing. Sanitation aims to decrease the number of harmful microorganisms lurking on a surface to a tolerable degree. Therefore, it decreases the chances of bacterial infection and virus transmission.

Sanitization also involves the use of readily available sanitizing agents. A hand sanitizer is one example. Lash professionals should carry one with them at all times to ensure their hands are safe to handle tools used in eyelash services, as well as the client's eyelashes. 

Cleaning vs. Sanitizing

To say something is clean doesn't necessarily follow that it is sanitized and vice versa. You can apply hand sanitizer to your hand, but it can still be stained with dirt. You can remove the dirt from your hand, but it would still pose a risk of transferring infectious diseases and germs. While the former is better than the latter, what is ideal is to do both cleaning and sanitizing.

Cleaning must be done frequently. So tidy up before and after an eyelash extension application. When we say clean, we mean removing dirt and debris from your work area, your tools, as well as your hands. To do this thoroughly, you must train your eyes in spotting anything that can potentially cause harm to your client.

Dirt is where you can find most bacteria, fungi, and viruses, and cleaning is a practical way to reduce its number instantly. The other methods take care of what's left.

One spectacular advantage of cleaning, apart from removing germs, is that it makes everything look shiny and pleasant. Feeling clean feels good, and you want your client to feel that way.

What These Means to You and Your Client's Safety

Safety is always a top priority, both for you and your client. A disregard for safety may mean lost clients and a damaged reputation. Worse, it can put your eyelashing practices on indefinite hold.

Getting a good grip on these terms and how to practice them is very important to be considered a lash professional. If you are diligent and keep yourself, your tools, and your client safe, you will have ticked off a few boxes that make for a good client experience.

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Let the Classic Course Teach You the Three S's

In Beauty Boss Academy's accredited eyelash course, we value the three S's—that means sanitation, sterilization, and safety. This eyelash course online is a bonafide lash technician certificate course that will show you the ropes to becoming a true lash professional. The course goes beyond the terms and gives you the process of practicing the three S's. Here's a sneak peek of what's in store for you.

  • Learn how to sanitize and sterilize your lash application tools and equipment properly. You will have a high-quality video tutorial that guides you on the steps.
  • In the classic eyelash extension training, you will learn how to disinfect your tools between client appointments to ensure you and your clients are safe. 
  • You will be taught the right way of organizing and storing lashes to ensure it's free from dust and dirt. The organization techniques will also help your efficiency during a lash session.
  • You will gain familiarization with disposable products that you will use and how to properly dispose of these products to make sure no infection or disease is spread to you or your clients.

Become A Certified Lash Technician Today

Start your lashing career the right way with training. Untangle the confusion in the terms and learn the practices that make for a bankable beauty boss. The Classic Course will show you how it's done, while the complimentary lash technician certificate courses will make sure you're kept sharp. It may even be better than any eyebrow and eyelash course can offer. Most importantly, we'll always have your back and provide you with all the learning and practical support you need before, during, and after you've enrolled in the Classic Eyelash Course.

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