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Eyelash Classes 101: Break Language Barriers with Lash Displays

A client enters your salon for an eyelash consultation. They want you to fix their lashes and make them pretty. However, as a lash artist, you need more information than “pretty.” 

Before you can make pretty lashes, you have to figure out a few things first. Some of these include your client’s preferred type of lash extension and their lash health status. During the consultation, you might start throwing around some words like “mink lashes” or “dolly” or “Russian volume.” 

But what if it's your client’s first time in the world of lashes? Naturally, those terms will be foreign to them, so they won’t understand a single thing you say. 

Today's lesson on eyelash classes is all about lash displays and how they help break the language barrier between the client and the eyelash technician! 

Why a Display Board Is a Workstation Essential

What exactly is a display board? It's a customized surface made of corks or recycled rubber. You put any content there to communicate an important message. 

In business, display boards are often used to list scheduled appointments, meeting minutes, terminologies and other important events. They serve as an easily accessible, all-in-one storage of vital information to ensure everyone is on the same page. 

In beauty salons, it has the same purpose. Not all customers have adequate knowledge of eyelash extension applications. However, understanding the terminologies is necessary so that you and your customer can have the same end goals in mind.

In most eyelash classes online, you'll learn about setting up a lash application workstation and client consultation must-haves, which include lash displays. 

eyelash classes empty board with office and beauty items

Tips on Creating a Lash Display for Client Consultation

Are you ready to make your own incredible lash display board? Here are some tips to keep in mind to make a useful (and pretty) tool that will help your clients during a consultation.

Make Your Visuals Speak

Visuals engage people more and help them understand things faster. According to the VARK model by Neil Fleming, there are four types of learners: visual, auditory, reading or writing and kinesthetic. Your clients can be a mix of all those, but visual learning is one of the most effective ways.

Therefore, keep in mind to maximize the power of visuals into your lash display. It is best to include accurate visuals as you explain the type, length and thickness of different lashes. Your client will most likely understand it better. Lashes are about looks, after all. 

Follow an Easy Structure

When creating a lash display, put yourself in the shoes of your client. How can you make content that they can easily understand? 

Start with a basic outline. Let's say you want to include lash style, thickness, length and textures in one board. Don't just pile them up in columns or rows. Put a label for each section and list down the details with respective spaces for readability. 

Also, don't mix one lash style with one of the lash textures. Ensure they're in separate sections. Remember, this is like taking eyelash application classes where your instructor teaches you the lash artist’s know-how. 

Put Some Visual Flair

With flair on your lash display, you can make consultations more fun and engaging! Unleash your creativity with pretty fonts, colour schemes and patterns to complete the overall look. Make a board that turns heads multiple times a day!

In a way, you also express your character in the design. There are no strict rules in creating lash displays; you can design them to your heart's content! However, keep in mind to still supply the basic elements like readability and informative properties on the content.


As you go through eyelash and brow classes, you will understand the barrier in terminologies. After all, every student in a beauty lash academy starts with little to zero prior knowledge. And when you become a certified lash technician, you must guide clients who’ve never had their lashes done before through a consultation.

A good way to start the consultation is to show a lash display. Use visuals to accompany your words and make things easier and more fun to understand. That way, you can ensure that you and your client have the same goal at the end of the lash session. 

Did we pique your curiosity about lash workstation essentials? Then, enroll in lash training! Beauty Boss Academy offers The Classic Course to help beauty enthusiasts explore and grow their skills in lash application. You don't need prior experience to be a part of our community—simply bring your passion and hop on board with us!
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