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Lasting Lashes With Minimal Upkeep: Expand Your Expertise With A Lash Lift Course Online

Have you heard of a perm for lashes? If it's your first time, what do you think it looks like? You might think, "You mean, my lashes are going to get crazy curls?" We understand that it doesn't seem visually appealing for lashes, but the good news is that's not how it works. 

A lash perm is officially called a lash lift. It's a lift and curl process that produces gorgeous results when done the right way. You will also like the other benefits it can offer, so keep reading!

This article tackles the basics of lash lifting. In addition, if you want to expand your lash skills on a professional level, we've outlined the things you can expect from a lash lift course online

The Basics of Lash Lifting

So you're wondering what this lash perm buzz is all about. Here are the basics about lash lifting you should know. Learning the basics gives you additional knowledge and guides you in evaluating online courses.

What's a Lash Lift?

Lash lifting is a temporary lash treatment where you get a perm for your eyelashes. It gives them a good curl and an upward look by altering the shape and natural lash colour. This upward growth makes your lashes look attractive. 

A preview of the process involves lifting individual lashes, boosting them and tinting for a long, thick and darker lash look.

Who Benefits from a Lash Lift?

Let's see. Are you looking for a lash treatment that is more affordable than extensions? Check. Do you prefer a low-maintenance lash routine? Check. Do you want dark and thick lashes? Check. If you're seeking these qualities, then lash lifting is the right application for you!

Lash Lift vs Eyelash Extension

Primarily, lash lifts alter only your natural lashes, while eyelash extensions add semi-permanent artificial lashes. To add in a few more differences, see below:

  • In lash lifts, you can customize your look. Whether you want to adjust the curl or colour of your natural lashes, these are all possible with lash lifting.
  • Unlike lash extensions, this one lasts longer (six to eight weeks) and has fewer side effects.
  • Lash lift aftercare is slightly similar with extensions but with less upkeep. The first crucial hours to keep them dry are fewer (24 instead of 48 hours). 

What to Expect from a Lash Lift Course

Lash lifts will be a great addition to your services. Suppose your client runs short on budget or doesn't like the idea of high lash maintenance. In that case, you can introduce this treatment during the consultation. 

But before you can do any of that, you need to become a certified lash expert. The first step is taking an eyelash lift course. Fortunately, there are online classes today, so even the pandemic can't stop you from learning. Here's what you should expect from lash lift training.

lash lift course online concept

Health, Safety, and Hygiene

A thorough discussion on health, safety, and hygiene are must-haves in beauty courses. You need them to avoid causing potential harm to you and your clients. If you don't find these pointers in a course curriculum, exclude them from your choices.

Eye and Eyelash Science

A course must touch on the science of eye and eyelash anatomy. As a future eyelash technician, you must ensure that you're applying the treatment properly and safely. You don't want a client developing allergies or severe eye damage from a service they entrusted time and money with.

Consultation Process and Techniques

Client consultation is a crucial part of the lash service. It helps you determine whether a client should get treatment or not. Sometimes, you might have to turn them down or offer them a different application. Look for consultation lessons in the curriculum of the course you're eyeing. 

Lash Lift Aftercare

Lash lifts require little maintenance, but it doesn't mean your client can take it lightly and fail to understand its importance. Instead, you must instruct them on taking care and making the most of their investment. A good lash lift course should be able to teach you this. 

Start Your Lash Journey With The Classic Course

Learning a new type of lash treatment like lash lifts is fun. It also allows your client to choose a treatment that fits their budget well. Moreover, adding lash lifts to your services opens another source of steady income. You'll make new and old clients happy and earn more money. However, ensure that you undergo lash training first before offering a lash lift and tint service officially. 

Start your lash training online today! Lash lift is only one of the facets of the lash field, and you still have to learn the fundamentals beforehand. If you need to start from scratch, we recommend taking Beauty Boss Academy's Classic Course.

From there, you'll learn everything you need to become a trusted and knowledgeable eyelash technician. We will provide you with high-quality content and support to ensure the entire learning experience is worth your investment. Receive lessons from basic lash science and terminologies to advanced lash application techniques! 
So, what are you waiting for? Enroll in our course today and join the Facebook community for further updates and like-minded conversations.

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