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5 Things an Excellent Online Eyelash Extension Course Should Teach You

Have you ever wanted to enroll in an online eyelash extension course, but you're not sure what you'll learn from it? Aside from tackling the basics, such as knowing the eye anatomy and distinguishing healthy eyelashes from ones that are not, there's more for you to know.

If you're planning on getting licensed, you have to take an eyelash extension course accredited by your state. These accredited beauty schools may cost more than those that are not, but keep in mind that you will benefit from them in the long run. You are guaranteed to learn information that will show up on your licensure exam and the techniques you can use for your future clients.

Here are the topics an excellent online eyelash extension course should teach you.

Difference between natural and fake eyelashes

Lash tech training will include differentiating natural from fake eyelashes. Knowing the difference between natural and fake eyelashes can help your clients make an informed decision.

Fake eyelashes are available in drugstores or makeup stores. You can easily apply them on top of your lashes with lash glue. You don’t need to go to a lash bar. 

However, fake lashes only last for a couple of hours or a whole day at most, depending on the adhesive you used. Leaving them on overnight may lead to possible eye irritations. 

On the other hand, when you're applying eyelash extensions to your client, you are using natural eyelashes. Just because they are called natural does not mean they are all made from natural hair. Your clients may choose from two types of lash extensions: synthetic fibres and natural (mink and silk). 

Synthetic lashes are made from thick and firm polished fibres, while natural lashes are harvested from mink or silkworms. As a result, synthetic eyelash extensions look shinier compared to natural lashes. Natural lashes may also contain allergens and induce a skin reaction in your customers.

Difference between semi-permanent and permanent lashes

Enrolling in eyelash extension training online will also help you understand semi-permanent and permanent lashes. 

As a certified eyelash technician, you are trained to apply semi-permanent lashes. On the other hand, permanent lashes involve a more intricate procedure that will require a specialized surgeon. 

You must know the difference to set your clients' expectations, especially if it's their first time getting eyelash extensions. Some of them might think that their first visit to a lash bar will also be their last. However, you’ll know from your eyelash extension application lessons that it's not. 

It's your responsibility to inform your clients that they’re getting semi-permanent lashes that will eventually fall off due to natural wearing and tearing. You need to set their expectations about this so that they’ll understand why they need to schedule a retouching after a few weeks.

eyelash extension application training

Application of eyelashes on your clients

Each beauty school teaches different lash extension application techniques to its students. Generally, there are no set rules that every student must follow. As they learn along the way, they will develop their techniques too! 

However, lash application instructors should introduce the eight basic steps. These are the following:

  • Applying gel patches or stickers under the eyes
  • Choosing the appropriate lash extensions
  • Picking up the extensions
  • Dipping the extensions into the adhesive
  • Isolating and swiping the natural lashes
  • Setting the lash extensions
  • Separating
  • Drying

All these steps are crucial to perfecting the lash extension application. However, do concentrate on isolation and swiping. These steps require you to carefully set aside your client's natural lashes with a swiping motion and then apply adhesives on them before moving to the next step. 

Best ways to remove lashes without damaging them

Proper eyelash extension application doesn't focus solely on the application part but rather the whole process that comprises it. Thus, you will also learn how to remove old lash extensions before replacing or retouching them. 

Although some lash extensions will naturally fall off over time, some may still be perfectly intact upon your client's next lash appointment. Before putting on new ones, your client's lashes should be free from any adhesives or remnants of old lashes. 

Lash technicians who do not know how to properly do it just take the lashes out on the spot. Although this is an acceptable technique and might work for some, it can also be very painful for the client. In addition, you wouldn't want your client to feel uneasy during your appointment. 

The best way to remove lashes without damaging your customer's natural ones is by steaming them first. The steam will help loosen the adhesives, making it easier for you to pull the lashes off.

After removing the lashes, we recommend putting conditioner on them. Doing this will help rejuvenate the natural lashes' roots and make them strong and healthy. 

Choosing the appropriate eyelashes for your client's eye shape

Some people might think choosing which lash extension to get is easy since these are just hair. However, this is not true at all. In your lash tech training, you will come across different types of eyelash extensions. 

It makes sense to have various choices since there are various eye shapes, ranging from rounded and small to hooded. Thus, as a lash tech, you have to consider this. Choosing the appropriate lash extensions to go with a powerful boss beauty makeup can make or break your client’s whole look.

Sometimes, your clients will know what they want. However, even if they’ve made their choice, it doesn't mean you can’t suggest lashes you think will work best for them.

You will also encounter clients who don't know which lashes to choose. In this case, the success of your lash extension application won't depend solely on the techniques you used or your extremely clean and perfect application. You’ll know you've done a great job depending on how much your client likes what you did, and that includes choosing the right lash extensions for their eye types. 

For example, you may offer wispy lashes for a client with round eyes to give a dramatic cat-eye look. On the other hand, it might be a good idea to avoid thick lashes for those with hooded eyes as they will look droopy on them.

Enroll in the Best Eyelash Extension Course

If you're looking for a sign to enroll in an eyelash extension course online, take this as one! Learn these lessons from the comfort of your home at your most comfortable pace. 

It might seem like there is a lot to take in and master, but the good thing about taking an online course is you can go about it at your own pace. So if you're worried about trying to squeeze these beauty classes into your schedule, it's one less problem you have to think about. All you have to do is show up, take notes and learn everything about lash extensions whenever you have the time for it.

Stop looking any further for a beauty school to enroll in. Beauty Boss Academy offers the best lash extension application course with our comprehensive modules. So take this opportunity today and kick-start your career by enrolling in our Classic Course!

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