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Applying the Curliest Eyelash Extension for Your Valued Clients

The beauty industry has come a long way in recent years. We’ve seen everything gain some amount of popularity these days—from classic eyelash extensions to Russian volume lash extensions.

However, it’s different with lash curls. Although this procedure has been in place for some time, other clients still consider it a minor aspect of the application. Instead, they focus more on the lash extension’s thickness, eye shape, diameter, or colour. 

Want to surprise your clients with the most desired lash curls they have ever imagined? Discover the curliest lashes today and dazzle them with refreshed and awakened eyes like those Instagram celebrities they desire. 

What is Today's Curliest Eyelash Extension?

Impress your clients with the U Curl lash extensions! These extra curly lashes are characterized by their distinctive u-shaped curl, giving them a more coiled, “open” look.

Here are some further details regarding these lash curl extensions:

  • You can wear mascara over them.
  • They can last between two and four weeks.
  • They are constructed from strong, long-lasting synthetic materials.
  • They are applied with a specific adhesive that keeps them firmly in position.

U Curl lash extensions are the way to go if you want to give your client’s lash line a little extra wow factor!

Is Applying U Curl Challenging?

Although it is not difficult, applying U Curl lash extensions does take some caution and accuracy. Here are some pointers to help you achieve the best effects:

  1. Select the appropriate U Curl size for your lashes. If the curl is too little, it won’t create enough lift and could even make your client’s lashes look droopy. Meanwhile, if it’s too big, it can be difficult to wear and might press their lashes against one another, which can cause damage.
  1. Put the adhesive on. Use lash adhesive especially made for U Curl lash extensions to ensure that the extensions stay in place all day.
  1. Glue the lash extensions in place after carefully aligning them with the base of the natural lash.
  1. Begin at the inner corner of your eye and work outward when applying the U Curl to your natural lash line. Hold it for a short while to let the adhesive set.
  1. Use an eyelash curler to give their eyelashes a lovely, natural-looking curl.

It may take some effort to apply for curl lash extensions, but once you master it, you’ll be able to produce stunning lashes quickly!

Tips on How to Maintain the Curliest Eyelash Extension

Does your client want to achieve envy-worthy lashes? One that will definitely catch attention and prompt great comments. Then, you’ve come to the right place! Give your clients the following tips to keep their eyelash extensions as curly as possible:

  1. Curl lashes every day. It may not look very comforting, but this process is quite easy. Simply use an eyelash curler for a few seconds before applying mascara.
  1. Choose a waterproof mascara. Waterproof mascara is ideal for keeping your clients’ lashes curled. It won’t smear or smudge if their eyes are caught in a downpour or moisture.
  1. Use a lash primer. Lash primers smooth down the surface area for mascara and adhere better to eyelash extensions, resulting in longer-lasting curls.
  1. Use a clear coat of mascara. After using your regular mascara, lock in the curl with a clear coat to keep your lashes from getting frizzy or undefined.
  1. Use an oil-based makeup remover. Doing so can break down the substance without endangering the eyes.

Uninterested Client? Go Back to the Basic!

As a lash technician, adapting your client’s needs and desires is critical to lash service. For example, some clients may be open to trying other lash curl options but prefer to stick with the basics.

Don’t worry! Creating eye-catching eyelash extension curls doesn’t stop with U Curl. You can always stick to these well-known lash curl options:

J Curl

Unlike traditional lash extensions, which are applied straight across the lash line, J Curls are applied at a slight angle, creating a natural “J” shape. In addition, this lash extension curl provides a more voluminous look perfectly suited for those with shorter or thinner lashes.

C Curl

C Curls have a soft curve that mimics the shape of your lashes to create a more natural look. Most customers select them since they come in various lengths and thicknesses.

C Curl extensions also tend to be more resistant to humidity, so they’re a great option if you live in a hot or humid climate. 

D Curl

Meanwhile, D Curls give the illusion of longer lashes. So, those with straight or downward pointing lashes may find it very beneficial.

B Curl

The shape of the B curl also makes it ideal for creating medium to full lash looks. Thus, it is less likely to cause your eyes to appear “spidery” and adds a gentle curve that can help to open up and brighten your eyes.

More Transformative Lash Curl Tips with BBA!

use eye curlers- a way to maintain the curliest eyelash extension

The U Curl may seem new to you as a lash tech, but we believe you’ll be able to create enviable curls with a little exercise. 

Nevertheless, if all of this seems too much work or your clients are not interested in trying something new, join Beauty Boss Academy! 

We offer rigorous online training courses for budding lash techs and proficient ones about the fundamentals of eyelash extensions. These self-paced classes will enhance your ability to apply lash extensions like classic or volume.

Our highly-skilled lash artists encourage students to think outside the box and experiment with new techniques like lash curls. At the same time, we guide them on handling clients with different skin sensitivities, eye types, and hair textures. 

Our online beauty courses are the bridge to your success. So, enroll now and sharpen your lash skills today!

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