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Slay With Confidence: Try These Coloured Lash Extensions

Go all out in style using coloured eyelash extensions to give your look more character and uniqueness. Whether you want to experiment with different styles or stick to the same look every day, coloured lash extensions are a great way to add a stylistic touch to your face. With coloured lash extensions, you can go all out in style and take your look from day to day. So whether it's experimenting with different styles or just sticking to one that looks good on every occasion, these lashes will help spice up any look!

These gorgeous lashes take less than an hour to apply and can last up to four weeks! Ready to captivate and stand out from a crowd? Take some insight from this handy guide!

Why Go For Coloured Lash Extensions?

Woman with purple/red lashes

Coloured lash extensions make your eyes pop even more than natural lashes, allowing you to be noticed. Coloured lash extensions are best done by a professional, but if you truly want to do it yourself in the privacy of your own home, you can always enroll in classic or refresher lash lift training to learn how to safely apply coloured lash extensions and even make a career out of it. 

The most common reason clients request trendy coloured lashes is that they bring out the natural colour of their eyes. They're made to make the eyes stand out in a manner that conventional black or dark brown can't. Not only that, here are two more reasons why coloured lashes are such a hit. 

You Can Pair Them With the Perfect Outfit

Sometimes, you’ll find yourself scratching your head over that one missing element to make your outfit chef’s kiss perfect. Coloured lashes are the simplest method to elevate an outfit to new heights. They produce that extra special fashion statement that can't be surpassed, whether for a special occasion or a costume party. Catch glances of everyone at the party with every colourful bat of the eye!

Be Dazzling, Never Boring!

Coloured eyelashes are a modern requirement for those who want to be noticed! For people who want to incorporate meaning and colour (literally) into their lives, these unique eyelashes are a great everyday fashion statement. Life is too short to live a boring personal aesthetic, so go all out with it! For all-out drama and glamour, coloured eyelashes are the way to go!

Figuring Out the Best Lash Colour for You

box with different coloured lashes

Each person is built beautifully with unique qualities—we’re talking about skin tone, hair colour, eye shape, etc. That said, there’s also an eyelash colour that will best suit these qualities, and choosing the right one will do wonders for your look. In this section, we’ll be helping you find your one true eyelash colour, so have your pens ready!

First, determine your skin tone and eye colour (or hair colour if you’d like). Next, examine yourself in the mirror to identify which areas stand out the most: Is it your eyes? Perhaps bigger lips? Whatever they are, the table below will establish which colours are ideal.

Picking the best coloured lash extensions might be tricky because you have a lot of colour options available in front of you. Don't worry; we've limited it down to the best and easy-to-find ones, according to expert beauticians and lash artists.

Vivid Red Eyelash ExtensionsThe bright colour will complement any eye shape and definition and make it stand out, whether you're having a party at home or heading out into the streets! We recommend considering these extensions at a salon even if there are other colours around—not a lot of colours blend with most outfits and looks while making a bold statement as well as vivid red.
Classic Brown Eyelash ExtensionsThis softly coloured lash provides depth and personality without drawing too many admiring looks from others! Both blondes and brunettes will love this look either as a complementing accessory or a high-contrast element. 
Nature Green Eyelash ExtensionsLash out with your favorite colour! Green eyelashes are a must-have for anyone looking to improve the natural beauty of their eyes. It can really stand out when paired with hazel or brown-coloured natural lashes.
Vibrant Purple Eyelash ExtensionsThe bold and beautiful purple eyelashes will definitely make your eyes pop. These eye-catching lashes do a great job opening your face and have you all glammed up for any neon party!
Ocean Blue Eyelash ExtensionsBlue eyelash extensions will make any blue-eyed or blue-haired babe look extra attractive! Send people into dreamlike status as they glance upon your deep ocean blue eyelashes.
Unicorn Rainbow Eyelash ExtensionsRainbow lashes are a must-have for any fashion-forward individual who is not afraid to stand out and make a statement. Combine these spectacularly coloured eyelashes with black extensions, or go full-force with all the beautiful hues of a rainbow.

The Best and Most Affordable Eyelash Extensions

Wendy Lashes: Coloured Classic Lashes

These coloured classic lash extensions are of exceptional quality, composed of synthetic fiber, and come in various sizes. In addition, they appear to be completely natural because they keep their curls well.

Quewel Coloured Lashes Extensions

These lashes are created entirely of non-cruelty materials. The silky quality of these lashes makes them more pleasant to wear. In addition, the eyelash curl holds up well, and the colour is vibrant and won't easily fade.

EMEDA Coloured Lash Extensions

If you're on a shoestring budget, the EMEDA coloured lash extension is the way to go. They are, once again, of high quality. It's also constructed of high-quality synthetic silk that's free of animal testing— guaranteed to make your eyes appear bright, pleasant, and all-around appealing, minus the guilt.

FADLASH Volume Coloured Lashes 

If you're on a tight budget, the FADLASH Volumed Coloured Lash Extensions are the way to go. Constructed with high quality, it's made from Korean black PBT, feels lightweight and velvety as mink fur.

Final Thoughts

Coloured lashes are a great way to draw attention to your eyes—but not just any coloured lashes. The appropriate lash colour can bring out your best features while still complementing your overall appearance. 
If you want to get into the colourful world and career of lash technicians, basic lash lift training is available at Beauty Boss Academy. Lash lift training courses online will not just help you achieve the perfect eyelashes for yourself; you’ll also learn different eyelash application strategies to cater to the unique, beautiful qualities of your future clients!

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