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What Do These 6 Coloured Eyelash Extensions Say About You?

Black eyelash extensions are the go-to look for many women. They are timeless and stylish, and they draw attention to your eyes. Nevertheless, changing your lash style into something totally different, or perhaps a new colour, could do wonders for your overall look.

If you're stuck in a black lash extension rut, why not experiment with some fun colours? You don't have to go crazy—a little hue can go a long way. Just imagine how gorgeous your eyelashes will look with a touch of colour. They’re sure to turn heads!

But before you get rid of your old lash extensions, you might wonder what colour accent would best fit your mood. So let’s use this guide to find the right fit for you!

Types of Coloured Eyelash Extensions

Our soul may be seen through our eyes. So why not make your eyes pop with some coloured lashes? After all, beauty has no rules in this world.

You shouldn’t feel embarrassed about it. Simply have fun and choose a colour that suits your current state of mind. Below is a list of various coloured eyelash extensions you can give a try:

Blue Lash Extensions 

What will it say about you: You come off as fun-loving, enthusiastic, and reflective. You prefer to consider things carefully before taking a stand.

Whoever wants to make a statement without uttering a word should try blue eyelash extensions. This vibrant hue will surely draw attention, but it may also be surprisingly adaptable. Blue lash extensions can range from electric blue to a more muted navy, allowing you to customize your look to suit your mood or the occasion.

Blue lash extensions are the way to go if you search for a cute and charming way to stand out.

Green Lash Extensions 

What will it say about you: It will describe you as imaginative, outdoorsy, and sensible. You have a strong bond with nature and value the little things in life.

Green lashes are perfect if you want to look festive. You can wear it with various looks—a smokey eye makeup look or a bold one. Emerald green, olive green, lime green, or even forest green are all viable options for the ideal shade of green for your lash extensions.

These bright lash extensions can also pair well with hazel or brown eyes, bringing out the natural colours in your iris.

Brown Lash Extensions 

What will it say about you: You’re relaxed, anchored, and soulful. You’re a natural beauty who takes things slow and easy. 

Try out various appearances with brown eyelash extensions! You can choose to dress them up for a night out on the town, or you can pair them with jeans and a t-shirt. 

These subtle eyelash extensions are also great if you want to take trends slowly and easily. They’re ideal for folks who prefer a more subdued style because they’re not as striking as some other colours. Examples of brown lashes are chocolate brown and chestnut.

Purple Lash Extensions

What will it say about you: You’re royal, sophisticated, and independent. You have no reluctance to go after what you desire.

The majestic shade of purple lashes lends you an air of grandeur and refinement right away. It’s one of the more daring outfit options, particularly if you don’t mind striking out from the crowd.

Lavender and aubergine-coloured purple eyelash extensions match every attire and makeup style. Best of all, they complement blue eyes very well.

Red Lash Extensions

What will it say about you: You’re powerful, ardent, and adventurous. You love to make a romantic, smouldering statement confidently.

Want to spice up your eyelash extensions a little? Red lashes are the trend right now! There is a red tint to fit your needs, whether you want a flaming pair of lashes for a night out on the town or a more subtle appearance for everyday use.

Additionally, red eyelash extensions add a vibrant punch to brown or green eyes. However, they also need a little more upkeep than other eyelash colours. They are also such a bold colour that flaking or smudging would be quite obvious. 

Therefore, you should plan to touch up your red lashes more frequently than you would with other shades. Nevertheless, suppose you’re prepared to put in the extra effort. In that case, red lash extensions can give you a genuinely distinctive appearance.

Rainbow Lash Extensions

What will it say about you: You’re unique, individualistic, and always up for a good time. You march to the beat of your drum and enjoy being surrounded by colourful things.

A rainbow eyelash extension is perfect for showing off your free spirit. This vibrant look is achieved using different coloured lash strands applied to the natural lash line with glue. The result is a bright, playful look that will turn heads. Moreover, rainbow lashes are a great way to experiment with shades without committing to a full-fledged rainbow hair colour.

Learn New Lash Extension Trends at Beauty Boss Academy!

rainbow shade - a popular colour for eyelash extensions

Beauty Boss Academy believes that coloured eyelash extensions are the beauty industry’s future. They are fun, creative, and expressive to use.

If you’re interested, we can help you get the basic to advanced training you need to apply colours like a professional lash artist. During the online course, you will learn how to choose the best eyelash extension colours and methods (i.e., volume eyelash extension, classic lash extension, individual lash.)

In addition, our knowledgeable lash artists will help you understand every aspect of maintaining your coloured lashes, including how to clean them with eyelash foam cleaner or upkeep their lash curl with mascara.

So, what are you waiting for? Get rid of your black lash extensions and start adapting coloured eyelash extensions trends with Beauty Boss Academy!

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