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Don’t Miss a Spot: The Cleaning Duties of a Certified Lash Technician

Behind the lash glamour lies another aspect of great importance that represents your quality as a certified lash technician. Is it the lash supply? No. Is it the way I apply lash extensions? No. Is it the way I communicate with my clients during a consultation? No.

Technically, those things are significant. Without the right tools, lash application and consultation skills, you're not fit to become a good lash artist. However, the aspect we're talking about this time is none other than hygiene. Cleanliness must come before good lash techniques and correct tool usage. 

If you're still learning how to be a certified lash technician, we'll walk you through the basics of lash application hygiene. From workstation cleaning to self-sanitation, ensure a clean and happy lashing experience for you and your clients!

The Different Levels of Lash Cleaning

There are many things to note in the lash technician's sanitary checklist. Moreover, there are different levels of cleaning to save time and prevent you from skipping necessary practices. Here's a breakdown of the three primary stages of lash application cleaning.

1. Sanitation

The first cleaning duty of a certified lash artist is to eliminate the root of all evil: bacteria. Usually, you use antibacterial soap, warm water, and alcohol-based products to wash your hands before, during (as necessary), and after service. 

2. Disinfection

Disinfection keeps microbial forms static and reduces them to a safer level. Typically, you use products with germicide or Barbicide components to disinfect objects used in lash applications. These things include the chairs, tables, and lash tools you use regularly. 

3. Sterilization

Sterilizing is the highest cleaning level and the most effective in eliminating surface bacteria. It uses high pressure or heat to remove inactive microorganisms and other particles on hard surfaces and objects. 

Now, you don't need to sterilize your entire workspace regularly. You'll only need it if your work requires penetrating the skin or if you get injured from tools that cause blood remnants. The first two, on the other hand, should be part of a lash artist’s routine.

certified lash technician disinfection

The Must-Haves in Your Hygiene Kit

Now that you know the different levels of cleaning for your lash workspace, let's move on to the tools. Here's what you should include in your eyelash extension training kit to get started with cleaning.

  • Disposable eyelash supplies
  • Medical-grade disinfectants
  • Antibacterial soap
  • Hand sanitizer and gloves
  • Face mask
  • Hair tie or hair net/cover

Sanitation is arguably the most important thing you'll learn in a certified lash technician course. State institutions can expel you for failure in following sanitary practices. Moreover, it can spread infections among your clients, which could drastically hurt your booming lash career. 

Note that the decontamination laws per state or country may vary, so you must know the sanitation policies of your local health departments. 

Start Clean, Finish Clean: Sanitary Practices for the Lash Artist

You're all set to start your cleaning duties, lash artist! With the right knowledge and tools, you can achieve clean and fuss-free lash applications—let's start and finish clean with this helpful checklist:

  • Self-Sanitation 

Provide a safe and comfortable service to your clients with self-sanitation. Wash your hands thoroughly before, during, and after working on each client. Use soap and warm water for 20 to 30 seconds. Don't forget to keep and apply hand sanitizer for maximum effectiveness. 

Ensure to wear protective equipment like face masks, gloves, and a hair cover or tie to avoid touching the client's face. 

  • Workplace Sanitation

Keep your workplace in good hygiene before, during, and after serving your clients. For example, make a habit of vacuuming your workstation after every appointment. In addition, objects and surfaces like doorknobs collect lots of bacteria, so you should disinfect them using antibacterial wipes.

  • Lash Supply Disinfection

Once you have the cleaning tools ready, start cleaning your lash supplies. For disposable tools, get rid of them immediately after use—this includes lash eye pads, tape, glue rings, brushes and eyelash wands. Non-reusable supplies save time, and they're ideal for services like lash applications to avoid cross-contamination among clients. 

Meanwhile, sanitize the non-disposable tools with warm water and soap, medical-grade disinfectant, and a clean cloth for drying. Do this per session to avoid cross-contamination. However, there are tools that you shouldn't clean with water, like the adhesive bottle and eyelash extension glue. Lash adhesive dries with moisture, while the lash glue becomes brittle when it reacts with water. 

  • Sanitary Storage

Lash cleaning includes places where you store your tools, especially when they're not in use. Prepare a sanitized container or a UV light sterilization box to keep all your lash tools, especially the extensions and false eyelashes. Remember, eyes are highly sensitive parts of the body, so what you put on them must not cause contamination. 

Join the Beauty Boss Academy and Learn How to Apply Clean and Happy Lashes!

Hygiene is an important quality of a beauty professional, especially for sensitive work like lash extensions. When you take certified lash technician classes, you'll get a more comprehensive walk-through on sanitary practices. While you're still deciding which lash course to take, the discussion is a great start to give you a gist of how cleaning works in the lash industry.

Are you ready to become an exceptionally hygienic and trusted eyelash technician? In that case, we encourage you to take the Classic Course to learn about lash fundamentals! From high-quality manuals to VIP professional support, we have everything you need to ensure you can apply clean and pretty lashes for your clients. Moreover, we don't require you to have prior experience in taking this course.

We also have the complimentary lash course, but it doesn’t cover safety and sterilization. This course is for those who have some prior knowledge or schooling in lash extension application.
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