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5 Questions to Ask When Choosing an Eyelash Technician Training Program

If you're wondering how to be the best eyelash technician in your area, you will come across one piece of advice. That is to enroll in an eyelash application training program before taking your licensure exam. 

But with the rise of available eyelash classes, what exactly are the things you need to know or consider first before enrolling in one?

Here are some questions you should ask or research before enrolling in a particular eyelash technician training program online.

1. What are the lessons included in the training program?

One of the most important things you have to know is the lessons covered in the program. Beauty schools offering eyelash extension classes do not exactly follow the same syllabus. Some institutions provide basic courses; some, advanced. They also differ in content. 

So before enrolling in a program, ask first for their course syllabus and crosscheck it with the requirements of the state or province where you plan to get licensed. The last thing you want is to enroll and finish an eyelash course, only to find out you cannot get licensed in your state because the course did not cover everything you need to know for your licensure exam.

2. How long does it take to complete the eyelash technician training program?

Aside from the courses offered, you should also consider the time you will need to finish the course. Ask whether the classes are done in sync or if they also provide asynchronous activities. For asynchronous courses, clarify if you can access the videos and other learning materials any time you want or if these are restricted for viewing at a particular time.

Since these classes are delivered online, some beauty schools offer their students the flexibility of taking the courses at their own pace. With this, you have the freedom to take it as slow or as fast as you can! Clarify this with the beauty school, whether you plan on finishing the program within days or over a few months upon enrolling.

eyelash technician training program online

3. Are there any requirements for entering this program?

When looking for the best eyelash technician training program, you should also consider if the beauty school has any requirements you have to fulfill. For example, some schools require you to buy a lash extension kit when enrolled in an eyelash extension course. 

Considering that eyelash extension application is a skill, having the kit with you will allow you to practice the techniques taught online. The lash kit contains the tools, lashes and other cleaning materials you need to carry out the application methods. Take it as an opportunity to simulate how you will carry out lash extension applications with your clients in the future.

Some schools require you to purchase a kit from them, while some are bundled with the program. If they don't offer a kit, ask the school if you can curate your own and use it for the duration of your training!

4. Who will teach the course?

When you enroll in an eyelash extension application course, you entrust the start of your lash artist career with this beauty school. Enrolling is an investment more than anything else. Thus, it's only right that you are guaranteed to get the best training from the most reputable lash artists.

Before enrolling, ask who will teach the course, along with their qualifications. They should have enough experience and have undergone extensive training. This way, even if you haven't met them yet, you are confident that you're learning from someone reputable and highly skilled at lash extension application. 

It will also help if there are online reviews about the course and how the instructors taught them. With these, you'll get a glimpse of what the training will be like for other students.

5. Can you still work or study while completing the course?

This question is optional since it depends on whether you are busy with work or school while taking the course. 

People of all ages take a beauty course regardless of their current involvement in the beauty industry. So if you're currently not in this field today and you're interested in becoming a part of it, you can take an eyelash extension course that offers you some flexibility upon taking it.

At Beauty Boss Academy, we offer classic eyelash extension training, which we guarantee you can take with your other responsibilities. Whether you already have a background in the beauty industry or this will be your first step towards becoming a part of it, we believe that everyone is welcome to learn everything about lash extension applications.

Final Thoughts

You have to consider and clear out a few things before enrolling in an eyelash technician training program. Don’t think that asking all of these questions is too much; a good beauty school will understand and will gladly entertain all of your inquiries.

If you're still looking for a beauty school, Beauty Boss Academy is here to welcome you! We offer 12 comprehensive modules that will cover everything you need to learn about carrying out lash extension applications. Plus, we're more than happy to answer all of your questions!

Know all of this and more when you take The Classic Course. Take the first step in becoming a certified lash technician and enroll with us today to start your journey in the beauty industry!

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