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Choose What You Love: Paving the Way for a Career Shift Through Lash Classes Online

Life is unpredictable, and sometimes the best-laid plans don't pan out as you expected. The job that once gave you great joy now feels like a burden. If you already feel stuck, maybe it’s time for a career change. Paving the way for this can be intimidating—especially when you don't know where to start. But if you have skills or have been doing lashes as a hobby, the answer is in front of you!

Here are the excellent reasons why creating a path towards lash services as a career is worth it, along with some steps to smooth transition.

5 Reasons to Choose What You Love

Lash services as a career path are on the rise. The industry will continue to grow as more people become interested in lash extension and other cosmetic treatments requiring advanced knowledge from experts. If you already have been passionate about doing lashes part-time or as a hobby, it'll be easier for you to shift doing it full time. Here are more reasons why you should turn your well-loved activity into a career.

1. Utilization of skills and strengths

One of the root causes of work burnout is when your skills are not aligned with your work. As a result, you feel disappointed, often feeling that something is lacking in you. If you take lash services as a new career, you can bid goodbye to these bad feelings, especially if you are great at what you do!

To ensure that you have the right skills, taking lash lift classes online will further improve your knowledge and expertise. When you are passionate about what you do, pushing yourself to be better each day will come naturally to you. 

2. Happiness = competitive salary

You’ll learn from eyelash classes online the different lines of work you’ll have after getting certification. Being a lash technician is just one of the many career paths you can set your mind to. Some of the jobs you can take are the following:

  • Salon lash expert
  • Salon owner
  • Lash lift and tint classes online trainer
  • Makeup artist
  • Stylist
  • Vlogger and influencer
  • Cosmetologist
  • Licensed esthetician
  • Beauty school educator

All these job titles have their corresponding salaries that even increase when you are highly skilled and armed with a lash technician certification

If you choose the freelancing path, you’ll enjoy work flexibility and even extended work hours if you want to push your productivity levels. Just remember to prioritize quality over quantity for excellent lash extension service. 

3. Opportunities to change lives

On a deeper level, aside from the salary, employees stay long in their jobs because of the opportunity to live meaningfully day by day. By being a lash technician, you affect your clients’ lives in various ways. Many of your customers come out of your lash bar filled with confidence because of their new look. Others get their most longed-for and well-deserved relaxation time. 

In addition, if you have decided to shift careers, your courage will also inspire individuals who want to do the same thing. And if you become successful, you can encourage your fellow lash technicians to be as passionate as you are.

4. Irreplaceable personal fulfillment

While you satisfy your value of serving others and changing lives, you also allow yourself to grow. What are your goals and philosophy in life? Is it your goal to earn a lot to travel the world or save for the rainy days? In contrast to feeling drained with a job you dread, you’ll have the energy for the daily grind as a successful lash artist. You can even do overtime, and working on weekends wouldn’t even bother you.

As you fulfill your career goals joyfully, all the other areas of your life are positively affected. You can connect better with friends because of work flexibility. You can even take your family on vacations because of additional income. 

5. The assurance of success

Success has different measures, but you are counted as a successful lash technician if you calculate yours by the lives you touched and your fulfillment. When it comes to income success, you won’t fail too. In Canada, the average salary of lash technicians per year is $36,492 and $47,396 in the US. But this is just the average—it can even increase depending on your flexibility and freelance work. 

Above all these three considerations for success, you’ll also live a life with less stress and more fun! You get to reap success from doing the work you love—is there anything better than that? When you feel this way, no roadblocks will ever be difficult to overcome. 

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Preparing for a Career Change

All the benefits of doing what you love might sound too good to be true, but they are all achievable if you put your heart and mind into it. Nevertheless, it pays to see all the pros and cons. Here are some of the things you must do to be well-prepared for the change. 

Accept that you won’t be 100% sure

Deciding for a career change is not easy. When you feel doubts, know that it is entirely normal because you are making a huge step in your life—from leaving your comfort zone to traversing the unknown. However, when you look back on the reasons above, you’ll know that this is just the first step, and there’s more to come, including success. With the right resources, you’ll even find your own support circle as you train and after receiving your certification! 

Make the key people in your life aware

After getting inspiration from fellow lash technicians, you can also boost your confidence and get assurance from friends and loved ones. Quite often, they would be the first ones to push you in your new career path and market your brand. In the same way, they also became your first customers. So make sure to share your plans with them to get all hands on deck. 

Do the Math

Speaking of finances, this will be one of your most significant considerations to ensure you are prepared for the big leap. It would be best to do the math (literally) and compare how much you will be earning as a lash technician vs what you’re getting from your current job. You already have an idea of the possible earnings in your new venture. Still, to be sure, save at least six months' worth of your current salary to have enough money during the initial stages. 

Bid goodbye to your old life

Despite losing the fire with your previous job, it has taught you lots of skills too. You have made good friends and great memories. Close the old chapter of your life gracefully by letting your employers and coworkers know about your plans. Do not burn bridges; instead, build more as you turn these acquaintances into your first lash extension clients. Your work routine will change, but the relationships you had in it will not. 

Arm yourself with the right lash service skills

To be genuinely prepared as a lash technician, you need proper online eyelash extension course training. The training will allow you to acquire certification, which is required in many provinces and states. If you are freelancing, the certificate will be an additional credibility point for customers—they’ll trust you more. If you aren’t trained and yet to receive a certification, know that this education is worth it and will serve you well in the long run. 

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Enrol in Lash Classes Online at Beauty Boss Academy

When you choose what you love, your life becomes full of purpose and happiness. It’s not always easy to make a career change or even take the first step in making that decision, but it can make your life so much more meaningful! Before embarking on the journey of self-discovery and transitioning into a new lash career path, remember why it is essential to work on things that matter to you. Also, know how you can smoothly transition from your old life to the new. As you gather strength, or even if you have already leaped, let Beauty Boss Academy help you be ready! Enroll in our lash classes online so that you can get either Classic and Complimentary lash technician certification. We are so excited to discuss our offers with you. We are only a click away, so feel free to contact us anytime!

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