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4 Best Online Short Beauty Courses You Can Take Even When You're Busy

If you're still studying or working full-time, you may not have the time to take a full beauty course. Don't let your schedule stop you from your passions—take online short beauty courses instead! These courses cover the same topics you're most likely to take up in the usual time frame. However, the main difference is that short courses are usually more condensed and deliver the lesson straight to the point.

Taking up online beauty short courses may not be for everybody, especially if you have no background in this field. So if you're not decided on whether you should enroll in a short course or a traditional one, you must assess whether you already have some knowledge about it. If you're feeling a little bit confident in your basic knowledge and would want to fast-track your learning, enroll in short beauty courses today. Are you still not sure which class you should take?

Here are some recommendations you might be interested in:

1. Hair Extensions

Techniques for applying hair extensions differ from any other hair service, such as colouring and cutting. Upon enrolling in a hair extension course, you're going to learn how you can install hair extensions properly, along with communicating to your clients how they will do their aftercare and maintenance.

Aside from these, lessons will include choosing the right hair type depending on your clients' hair and the different tape wefts (beaded, flat-track, and invisible).

Take this if: you're already into doing anything related to hair. You can further increase your skills by exploring how to do hair extensions. It's a pretty in-demand service, too, so this would certainly expand your horizons in the beauty industry!

2. Advanced Nail Art Application

If you want to learn more about how you do better manicure and pedicure treatments on your clients, this is the best course for you to take. Short courses that are geared towards advanced nail art applications usually talk more than the basics. Upon enrolling, you can learn more about nail techniques such as applying quick dip nails, ombre, acrylic, and UV gel polish.

You'll also know more about the different nail art designs you can offer to your clients. Although these designs are more complicated, they cost more than the typical nail art designs. It can be a lucrative business if you decide to take this route.

Take this if: you want to level up your nail art application techniques; this is the best course for you. Although you might not need to enroll in one, you can treat taking a short beauty course online as an investment, as this usually comes with professional certification.

eyebrow waxing course

3. Eyebrow Waxing

If you're already familiar with body waxing, you can further extend the services you can give your clients by learning how to wax the eyebrows. Even though they operate in the same way wherein you can use strip and stripless wax to remove the hair, eyebrows are more delicate and harder to wax. This is because it requires more precise movements so you can shape the eyebrows in a way your client wants them to be.

Aside from learning the proper waxing techniques, you'll also know how to give the perfect eyebrow shape to fit your clients' face shape. 

Take this if: you already have some idea of how to wax body hair. Toss in an eyelash extension course for a complete eye beautification package.

4. Eyelash Extension

Among the online short beauty courses included in this list, eyelash extension classes can be the easiest to excel in. If you’re curious about how eyelash extensions work and have no background on them whatsoever, this course is the perfect gateway. Upon enrolling in a lash course, you'll learn more about the eye anatomy, particularly how to spot a healthy eyelash and which extensions will fit perfectly depending on the customer's eye type. In addition, you don’t have to worry about not having the right tools to practice your skills with. You can avail these from the beauty academy you're enrolling from. 

Take this if: you're looking more about how you can start your very own lash bar business. Beauty Boss Academy's Classic Course, for one, merges beauty and business. This way, you can make your skill more profitable by starting your own business. You'll learn more than just the techniques of lash extension application; moreover, the course will introduce you to how you can develop your business model and have access to a VIP network of industry professionals. All of these are geared towards your goal of becoming a beauty boss!

Final Thoughts

If you're still hesitant about enrolling in online short beauty courses, take this as a sign for you to do so. The beauty industry welcomes anyone from all paths of life! You don't have to feel pressured into switching careers overnight. Taking up a short course won't give you that burden. Instead, think of this as something you can do during your downtime—something relaxing but will bring you some knowledge at the same time. Enroll yourself in a course today!

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