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The 5 Benefits Of Enrolling In An Eyelash Technician Course And Getting Licensed

Something about the eyes is so enchanting, that among all the parts of the face you put extra time ensuring that your eye shadow, brows, and lashes are perfect. After years of doing your own or your family and friends' lashes, you’ve finally reached the realization that you want to do this as often as possible, not only as a hobby but as a career. Now, the questions that occupy your mind include, “How to become a licensed lash technician?”

We’ll answer this question in this article and assure you that you are taking the right step of getting licensed because of these five benefits you will enjoy. 

1. Knowledge and confidence to do your job

The excitement in doing your and other people’s lashes will always be there, but you will know the ins and outs of eyelash beautification when you become a licensed eyelash technician.

Some of the modules and sessions included in the courses you will take are the following:

  • Background and history of eyelash grooming
  • The different types of eyelash treatments
  • Step-by-steps of doing various eyelash services
  • The chemicals and tools needed to accomplish your tasks
  • Hands-on training with experts in the field and trained beauty professionals
  • How to turn your skills into a profitable business
  • Marketing your eyelash services

Because the training center will equip you with all this knowledge, you will be confident enough to do your job perfectly and responsibly. 

2. Offer services anywhere

Along with bringing beauty to your customers, part of your responsibilities as an eyelash technician is to ensure that the procedure is safe—especially because you’re working on such a sensitive part of the face. Any mistakes can cause eye damage that may even be irreparable. 

To ensure that all lash technicians are properly trained, many countries and states require a license for practitioners. Once you get that license, you’ll be free to offer your services anywhere. 

Individuals who practice lash treatments without a license can be legally liable for not following the law. Skip this risk by getting licensed. 

3. Give quality services to your clients

Your customers will define your success as a freelance lash technician, or the success of your business if you open one. With formal training, you can apply everything you learned to give the highest quality services to your clients. 

You’ll be well-versed in handling eyelash extensions, perming, and lifts. The products you will be using will all be approved as you know the risk of using the wrong chemicals. You’ll be able to answer any of your customers’ inquiries quickly and without hesitation.

As a result, you’ll have satisfied and loyal clients who will come back for more. 

how do i become a lash technician

4. Clients and businesses prefer licensed eyelash technicians

If you are looking into making a living doing eyelashes, you can land a job faster if you are licensed. Even better, you can work in known salons where you can work and learn from licensed beauty professionals like you. 

If you are going freelance, your certificate and license will serve as an ID to show to your clients to foster trust. Trust is essential in offering freelance services, and you are a step ahead of the rest with a proper license. 

5. Higher salary and earnings

The average salary of a regular worker in the US per year is $49,764 per year, but lash technicians earn way higher at around $65,102 a year. Because of the value you bring to the company and all the clients who prefer licensed lash technicians, you’ll be paid a fair price. 

As a freelancer, your earning potential is higher as you decide your own rate, and you can work at your own schedule with no limits. With regular clients and referrals, your gigs will be non-stop, and so will the growth of the money in your account. 

How to Enroll And Get Licensed

With all these benefits, you must be eager to answer questions like, “How do I become a lash technician?” or “How do I become an eyelash extension technician?” It’s easy! Just follow these steps.

Step 1: Some states require a license before anyone can practice lash treatments. Check the requirements in your country or state regarding lash technician licensing.

Step 2: Begin looking for eyelash training and certification centers, which are readily available online whether or not a license is required. 

Step 3: Choose from a sea of options and enroll. Note that most training schools do not require any degree to apply. Therefore, as long as you are interested in a lash training course and learning, you can enroll. 

Also, both online and face-to-face training are available, so you can study at your convenience. Some courses last for 2–3 days. After finishing one course, there are plenty more to choose from to grow your skills and your network. 

If your country or state requires a license, you can register through the Cosmetology Board or the department handling licensing to take an exam and finally be licensed. 

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We couldn’t agree more with the benefits taking a lash course brings, so we are happily offering a Classic Lash Training Course that will educate and train you to become a qualified lash technician.

Contact us now, so we can discuss our courses and offers with you. We have a team of professionals who are equally passionate about beauty and wellness waiting to assist you. We hope to talk to you soon!

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