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Before and After a Lash Technician Certification: Learn to Beautify Your Community

Whether you’re an aspiring lash artist or an unsure cosmetology student looking up lash technician certification on the internet right now, you’re probably wondering what differences getting a license makes or if the process of getting it is worth your time and effort. 

How to become a certified lash tech? If this question often comes up in your mind and you want to bring your lash game to a whole new level, opting to become a certified lash technician is the best way to grow your career. With this goal in mind, read on and learn about the basic requirements of lash certification, the benefits it can provide, what happens when you get certified, and ultimately make your decision. 

The Basic Rules To Become A Certified (and Awesome!) Lash Artist

The answer to “How to get certified in lash extensions?” is answered in two essential points discussed below. Take a look and find out if you’re ready to go forward in a professional and substantial lash career experience!

#1: Comply to the Requirements by State

The first thing you should know is that the requirements for lash certification vary significantly by state. Some states require one or more licenses (e.g., a cosmetologist, DPH, esthetician, or medical license), but some states don’t look for them. Acquiring these licenses generally involves application submissions, application fees, and required hours of practice like on-the-job training. 

#2: Take Accredited Courses and Successfully Complete Them

The second requirement for a lash certification is to take and complete an accredited course successfully. This course contains the adequate education you need to become a lash technician customers can trust. Using incorrect tools or products can damage the health of your clients, which is a total nightmare! Whether you take online or in-person lash extension classes, ensure that you’re taking an accredited course and use the opportunity to hone your lash application skills.

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Things to Do When You Become A Certified Lash Technician

Congratulations on making it and getting licensed! Now that you’re a certified lash technician, where should you start? If you’re a little overwhelmed and unsure of what to do next, below are three helpful tips to guide you through the beginning of your career.

Tip #1: Set a Customer-Based Schedule and Setting

Think of your clients when planning a work schedule and setting. While it’s essential to choose a schedule that fits you best, keep in mind the days and hours when your clients are most likely available for appointments. Most people get a lash treatment during holidays or weekends to de-stress, so some lash technicians work during those times. With regards to your workspace, you can choose between working remotely or at a salon. Either way, ensure that the setting is relaxing and comfortable for both you and your clients. 

Tip #2: Leverage Marketing Strategies for Your Business

With a certification in hand, more people will find you trustworthy to work with—expanding your opportunities to grow your client base. Use this credibility to maximize your marketing strategies, especially when you’re just starting out: distribute business cards, start offering your services to people you know, use social media marketing, and offer affordable rates in the beginning stages. Take as many clients as you can handle!

Tip #3: Never Stop Learning!

True success stays with people who are always eager to learn something new, no matter how far they have come in their careers. Whether you’re a passionate student or a booming professional, lifetime learning brings you to levels of success you never thought you could reach.

Allow yourself to take every opportunity to expand your skill set: take courses, attend seminars, enter competitions; in the future, become one of those expert lash artists who can train others with the same dream!

How to Get Certified to Do Lashes? Start Learning With Beauty Boss Academy!

As we outlined above, becoming a lash artist is an insanely rewarding endeavor. Did we pique your interest in exploring and growing your lash skills? Join Beauty Boss Academy today! We are offering The Classic Course to help you grow your lash career. You’ll learn about proper and healthy lash applications guided by manuals, modules, and community support. Additionally, we also offer a special kit with all the essential tools you need for lash work—basically, we have everything you need to get lash certified!

The best part is that you don’t need prior experience to join our community. If you have a growing interest and passion in lash technician training, you are more than welcome to be part of the family. Need to know more? You can look us up on our social media sites and see the resources we provide to enhance your skills and to help you with your business. 


You might be a reliable and trustworthy lash technician, but it’s not enough to get you a ton of customers and build a good brand reputation—especially if you’re just starting your lash career. Begin with qualifications: getting a lash certification is like acquiring a key to a room filled with boundless learning and career growth opportunities. Note that it takes some time, a lot of patience, and even more passion to achieve substantial results. 
Ready to enhance your career with a lash certification? Start your journey with us! Join BBA’s Facebook community today, and keep in touch with a supportive group of like-minded beauty lovers and professionals with a ton of valuable content about the lash industry.

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