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How to Become an Eyelash Technician With Excellent Emotional Self-Care

Dissatisfied clients, hectic schedules, and making mistakes—it's not easy to control your thoughts and actions in these situations. As lash technicians, we are often put under a lot of pressure. We want to make our clients happy, but sometimes it leads us to forget our own well-being.

You may feel like you need to be perfect to become an eyelash technician who can be successful. This causes high stress levels, so you don't have to think that way! What you need for a long-term lash career is emotional self-care.

We've previously discussed other types of self-care, such as social, physical, and environmental ways. This time, let's talk about emotional self-care and include some tips to remain positive and sensible under pressure.

Emotional Self-Care for Lash Technicians: 7 Easy Ways

The eyelash extensions industry is in high demand, which is a good thing. However, it also means the job can be physically and emotionally demanding. Hence, you must practise self-care to meet the conditions and keep yourself healthy (and wealthy).

Check out our seven emotional-self care tips below!

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#1: Forgive Yourself for Making Mistakes

We understand. As much as possible, you want to ensure you're doing a client's lash extensions right. However, nobody's perfect. We all make mistakes sometimes, and a certified lash tech with years of experience is no exception.

So remember that it's okay to make a mistake—forgive yourself and don't think you're a terrible person because of it. Instead, consider this experience as a lesson and do better next time!

#2: Seek Therapy If Necessary

Many people think admitting when you need help is a sign of weakness. This is not true! In fact, realizing you need help and seeking it without hesitation makes you ahead of others. It takes a lot of strength to do it, but know it'll be worth the time and effort spent.

Therapy isn't bad. Encourage yourself to consider it when you can't handle your feelings. If you're uncomfortable about it, try talking to someone you trust first. Remember, when you care for yourself, you also care for your client. You want to give them the best service in your best condition, so get help when you need it!

#3: Be Kind to Yourself

It's not always easy to be good to yourself. After all, you are your worst critic. But kindness is a wonderful thing that comes without cost! It's something that anybody can give, and everyone will enjoy receiving. We know it can be tough, but try not to be too harsh on yourself.

You don't have to act like nothing's wrong when you don't feel good. But when evaluating yourself, practice being a little more gentle. Be your own parent, best friend, or biggest fan who appreciates your work but is also honest about room for improvement.

#4: Write About Your Emotions in a Journal

One of the most popular pieces of advice for people who struggle to deal with their emotions is to write. That's because it really does help! Journaling can be a therapeutic activity, helping you understand and process your feelings better.

Furthermore, it's perfect for a busy aspiring lash artist like you! Spare a few minutes during your break or after your shift to writing down what's on your mind. It doesn't have to be lengthy; a short sentence or two for each emotion will do. If you want, you can turn it into a full-blown blog and help other lash stylists deal with their emotions as well.

#5: Don't Apologize All the Time

This is a tough one, but try to avoid saying sorry all the time. We get that you want to be professional and polite, but an apology isn't always necessary. There are other words more suitable for certain situations than a "sorry." So learn to tell when an apology is required and when it's not.

For example, apologizing for being late is fine. But saying sorry for asking a client to fill out a form before an appointment—which is a part of the process—is unnecessary. You're certainly not doing anything wrong; you're simply doing your job.

#6: Feel Your Emotions Without Judgment

It's not always necessary to be critical of yourself all the time, deciding whether your thoughts and feelings are valid or not. First things first, you must feel them. Let the feeling sit and allow yourself to process what you're going through slowly.

And when you're ready, try to look at your emotions objectively. See if there's anything you can do to change and improve how you're feeling. If not, that's okay too! It may take some time to acknowledge and let go of emotions, but don't push them away. After all, they're a part of you.

#7: Work Through Your Emotions with Lash Artistry

Your lash job is not everything, but you chose this career because you're passionate about it. Therefore, lashing can also be a fantastic way to deal with your emotions! When you feel frustrated, sad, or upset, you can use that energy to better use.

For example, focus on making your client's lashes look better or hone your knowledge with an eyelash enhancement technician course. These activities will help you forget about your problems for a while. Ultimately, doing what you enjoy gives you a sense of accomplishment, which makes all the difference.

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5 Other Forms of Self-Care for Lash Extension Technicians

We hope the emotional self-care tips provided you with lessons you'll benefit from for a long time! Would you like to run a quick check on other forms of self-care? Here's a brief list for you.

  • Physical Self-Care: regular exercise, healthy meals, adequate sleep, and lashes
  • Work Self-Care: taking breaks, cleaning your workspace, setting boundaries, forming healthy bonds, and lashes
  • Environmental Self-Care: establishing a healthy and stable workspace, spending time outdoors, organizing and decorating your space, and lashes
  • Social Self-Care: communicating with fellow lash artists, taking social media breaks, hanging out, reaching out for help, and lashes
  • Personal Self-Care: goal setting, exercising your authenticity and creativity, and lashes

Self-Care is Necessary for a Successful Lash Artist

Lash extension is a creative career that allows you to help people look and feel good about themselves. It's incredible work, but it is also demanding. It requires continuing education, dedication, focus, and precision. 

You know that somebody's confidence lies in your hands, which can be daunting. And when something goes wrong, you might have difficulty controlling your emotions. Consequently, you cannot respond professionally, or even worse, ruin the lash application! 

But first of all, take a deep breath.

You don't have to chase perfection. All you need is to take care of your emotions and show up in your best condition. That way, you and your client can expect wonderful results by the end of the appointment. We hope our emotional self-care tips were helpful!

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Here's a preview of our lash extension classes.

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How to become a lash technician in Canada? Do I need a license to work legally? It depends on the regulations of each province. For example, Ontario doesn't require a license, but you must be a licensed esthetician in Manitoba. So be sure to check the regulations of the area where you'll be working to avoid penalties!

We'll be waiting for you here, soon-to-be lash boss!

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