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Secure Your Future Lash Career with Beauty Boss Academy Courses

Women love long, rich, and lovely lashes. And it comes as no surprise that lash professionals have been persistent in honing their craft to apply the latest techniques. You may have stumbled upon this article in the hopes of starting a career in the beauty industry through lash extensions. Are they easy to apply? Certainly! But you’ll need a place to start and master your craft.

The lash industry is still growing, and the demand for unique and high-quality lash extensions is relative to the need for competitive lash technicians. There are many beauty academies around that can teach you the fundamentals and advanced techniques of lash extensions.

But there is one beauty academy that will help you become a highly skilled and well-rounded lash technician. Beauty Boss Academy (BBA) arms you with 3 comprehensive lash courses designed with your skill level in mind. Caught your attention?

Keep reading to know more about Beauty Boss Academy courses.

Beauty Boss Academy: Who Are They?

Beauty Boss Academy focuses on lash extensions and building the beauty industry one new lash professional at a time. The academy is composed of lash experts and beauty enthusiasts passionate about their craft and eager to extend their skills to beginners. There are three courses offered by BBA, which are:

  • The Classic Course
  • The Volume Course
  • The Classic Refresher Course

The Classic Course

The Classic Course is where your journey begins. It is a complete guide to learning the basics of eyelash extensions and their application. The best part about this course is that you can take it even with no prior experience.

Here are the lessons that you will learn in this course:

  • Eye Structure and Lash Cycle
  • Curl Theories
  • Lash Lengths
  • Eyelash Styling
  • Preparation of Lash
  • Lash Adhesives
  • Comprehensive Lash Extension Application

The Volume Course

The Volume Course will serve as an advanced course for professional lash artists. The course will show you how to give eyelashes more volume, making them even more attractive to certain eye shapes.

Concepts from The Classic Course will be briefly reviewed in The Volume Course. The real meat of this training will then be revealed gradually. You'll learn the following lessons:

  • New volume lash styles to perform
  • How to prepare your client
  • The theory behind volume lashes

Finally, when you complete the lesson, you will understand how to create volume lash extension fans.

The Refresher Course

To keep you in the loop and make you more updated on the finest and latest methods or procedures for applying eyelashes, BBA will give you a review of The Classic Course. Most likely, you will encounter the following in The Refresher Course:

  • Cleansing the lashes
  • Applying under eye patches and paper tape
  • Priming the lashes
  • Ways to make a frame
  • Lash isolation
  • How to remove lashes from a tray
  • Dipping eyelashes
  • How to hold your wrist in place
  • Manipulating the lash's direction
  • Lash conditioning
  • Evaluating your work
  • Lash extension aftercare instructions
  • Removal methods

You'll also receive a certificate once the course is complete.

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More to Expect

You will receive the following when you enroll in BBA:

  1. Manuals in Written and Digital Form. They will give you a paper and digital copy of our Classic Course manual.
  2. Unlimited Ongoing Support. You get access to individualized support with The Classic Course for the duration of your whole lash career.
  3. VIP Community. Enrolling in The Classic Course will allow you to build a network of lash specialists and business leaders.
  4. Focused Stretches for the Health of Lash Artists. Being physically healthy is crucial if you want to succeed as a lash artist.
  5. Downloadable Materials. BBA offers printable materials for your lash business, including client intake forms and lash display templates.

If you want to save more, you can also avail of BBA's Ultimate Lash Pro Bundle, which includes The Classic Course + The Volume Course + The Starter Kit. Availing of this bundle gives you spontaneous training, from the fundamentals of lash extensions application to the advanced techniques you can incorporate into your services once you become a certified lash technician.

You also have the opportunity to acquire The Starter Kit, which contains the Beauty Academy eyelash extensions set and all the essentials that you will need for your training.

BBA is Waiting For You—Enroll Now!

The realm of beauty is ever-evolving, from skincare to advanced makeup techniques. However, achieving simple and natural aesthetics has been the dominant trend in recent years. The basic objective is to appear immaculate without going overboard.

People choose lash extensions to obtain such natural beauty effortlessly. Therefore, it is a good idea to receive lash extension training to stay up-to-date with the latest fashion trends and the general demands of life. Given the complexity of the entire eyelash extension application, training is necessary if you want to stay relevant in the beauty business.

Hone your lash skills and remember that there’s a community of lash experts willing to share their expertise with you in Beauty Boss Academy!

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Join the family and get support & inspiration from other lash artists and beauty professionals, plus exclusive BBA updates and promotions!

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