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7 Marvelously Functional Beauty Gift Ideas: An Eyelash Training Kit And More!

It is a priceless scene to see your loved one or friend with a smile on their face after opening your gift. Even more, it is a delightful feeling to have them use what you gave. A welcome bonus is receiving messages about how your gift has been valuable and beneficial to the receiver!

You can never go wrong with gifts related to beauty if your loved one is a fan of everything posh and stylish. Let us help you think out of the box and give a fashionable and functional surprise for the holidays, birthdays, and other parties. Check out these seven best beauty gift ideas any receiver will surely love!

  • Hair Styler Complete Set

Gone are the days when comb, curler, straightener, or volumizer are bought and given as separate equipment. Because of manufacturers’ innovative minds and customer demand, you can now find electric combs with replaceable heads to give your hair different volumes and styles. In a single comb, you can have as many as ten functions to use:

  1. Middle hot air styler
  2. Curling wand
  3. Bang comb
  4. Volume comb
  5. Small hot air styler
  6. Large hot air styler
  7. Concentrator nozzle
  8. Vent brush
  9. Hair straightener
  10. Finger diffuser

This hair styler complete set is a perfect gift to anybody who firmly believes that the hair is a person’s crowning glory. They can go day by day with different hairstyles each time. 

  • Beauty Fridge

In hot or cold temperatures, a beauty fridge helps keep beauty products in excellent condition. Remind your loved one to set the fridge in the cool mode for skincare products, face mists, nail polish, cosmetics, and perfume. On the other hand, set the fridge on hot mode to ensure wax strips, facial oils, essential oils, and small facial towels are warm before use. 

Even you will love receiving this kind of token, so what more your beloved family or friend. To bring extra delight, pick a nice fridge color. You can go classic with white and black or add colors of pastel pink and blue. 

  • Candle and Essential Oils

Stimulate overall wellness through scents of essential oils and scented candles you’ll give as a gift. You’d want to have these scents because of their beneficial effects:

  1. Rosemary: Improves focus and reduces anxiety.
  2. Lavender: Stirs feelings of contentment and helps promote sleep.
  3. Valerian: If you are suffering from headaches and palpitations.
  4. Jasmine: One of the best floral scents that eases tension and promotes relaxation.
  5. Peppermint: Improves your mental alertness. 

These aromatic delights are easy to find, wrap, and use. Light the candle and mix the oils to a humidifier, and good vibes will be diffused as fast as the lovely smell. 

eyelash extension training kit
  • Manicure Box

Visiting nail salons is one of the bonding activities people do with their family and friends. They enjoy some relaxing time sitting on a comfortable chair while their overworked hands and feet are being pampered. Yet, protocols halted this relaxing activity because of the pandemic. 

But you can still continue the fun by sending a surprise box filled with rainbow-colored nail polish. Fill it with all the manicure set must-haves like nail clippers, pushers, and head picks. To make moments more memorable, do each other’s nails and add unique art, too! Do not forget to take lots of photos to flaunt to your social media accounts and save as memories. 

Nothing—even Covid19—can stop your beauty bonding!

  • Sleeping Set

While you care about your loved one or friend’s physical beauty, their overall wellness should also be your concern. Send them a sleeping set gift to remind them of the importance of sleep and tools to help them have a good night’s sleep. Include the following in the box that is better than sleeping pills:

  1. A comfortable pair of pajamas
  2. Sleeping masks
  3. Memory pillow
  4. Nice and comfortable pillow cover and sheets
  5. Warm and fluffy blanket

These days, people are so busy with numerous activities, from work to extracurricular ones. Let all anxiety and challenges in life fade away for your loved ones as you send them these sleeping must-haves. 

  • Beauty Coffee Table Book

If your loved one is often bored, send them a gift they can browse in their free time. A beauty coffee table book will keep them pleased and their minds filled with brilliant ideas about beauty and style. Even in their downtime, they have joyful thoughts running in their heads instead of minding the worries of life. 

Pick a theme that matches the receiver’s interests. You can pick topics about fashion, makeup, culture, physical wellness, travel, and more good vibes. A beauty coffee table book is food for the heart and mind. 

  • Eyelash Training Kit

From great ideas and concepts to a coffee table book, let’s move on to gifts that can help the receiver put their talents and skills to practice. Send them an eyelash extension training kit, especially if you know that they are big on having perfect lashes. The best eyelash training kit should include the following:

  1. Different wands for cleansing and mascara
  2. Different kinds of adhesives
  3. Tweezers for isolation and application
  4. Cleanser and primer
  5. Lash trays and practice lashes
  6. Debonder and lash remover
  7. Paper tape, fan, mirror, and scissors

If you want them to take their skill to the next level, why not add a gift certificate of a paid Classic Eyelash Extension Course? This kit and course will be the best gift ever because of their long-term benefit to the receiver. 

best eyelash training kit

Beauty Boss Academy’s Eyelash Tech Training Kit

Can you already imagine the look on your friend or family’s face upon receiving these posh little trinkets from you? Watch their eyes beam and gasp in surprise as they unwrap any of these seven best beauty gifts, especially the lash kit with a paid course. They’ll hug you in joy and compliment that you know them so well—because you do!If you find the last option your favorite one, we got you covered here at Beauty Boss Academy! You can choose our eyelash extension course to be a part of your gift. Pick between the Classic Course and Complimentary Course, which also includes a lash training kit. We are one with you in making someone’s day extra special. If you want to know more details, contact us now, we’d love to hear from you.

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