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4 Best Accredited Online Beauty Courses to Take This 2021

The pandemic has changed a lot of things in the world we live in. It has changed the way we communicate, work and even learn. 

Wireless connectivity has played a huge factor in helping us transition from doing everything outside to doing it in the comfort of our homes. It is the reason why now is the perfect time to take online beauty courses.

Reasons to Take an Online Beauty Course

Beauty institutions have now switched from delivering their lessons in a physical setup to an online setting. You should enroll in these accredited online beauty courses for numerous reasons. Here are some of them.

  • Available at a lower cost. Now that it's easy to put out content online, more and more people are offering training, including beauty academies. The competition is pretty tight in the beauty industry, so they offer their courses at the best price possible. Compared to a physical learning setup, taking online accredited beauty courses is more affordable.
  • Flexible options for learning. Have you always wanted to enroll in a beauty course, but your schedule is packed? Now's the best time for you to take one! Since the classes are recorded and conducted online, you have the liberty to take them anytime you want. You also have the choice to finish them quickly or go through them slowly.
  • An advantage in the beauty industry. After taking online beauty courses accredited by your state or province, you may apply for a beautician license. A license will grant you the opportunity to practice it full-time or on the side!

Which Accredited Online Beauty Courses to Take

Now that you've seen some of the reasons and possible benefits of taking a beauty course, you might be wondering which is the best one to take. 

You can take numerous online courses. It might even overwhelm you to choose the one that is best suited for you. Although you can take everything that piques your interest one by one, you can also take two or more classes simultaneously. As long as you have time to finish and comply with the course requirements, you're free to take on as many credits as you can! 

Check out some of the most popular online accredited beauty courses you may take, and see what's the best fit for you.

1. Face and Body Waxing Course

Both men and women have hair growth. However, most prefer to remove hair, especially in unwanted places on the face and the body.

Facial and body hair grows in four to six weeks on average. So, if you're a waxing technician, you most likely meet the same clients every two months. From a business perspective, this means you have a constant stream of revenue. The great demand for wax techs is why waxing courses are very popular. 

Throughout the program, you'll learn two types of waxing. These are strip and stripless waxing. The two techniques may differ, but they achieve the same goal. You'll know more about why some people prefer one type of waxing over the other and how to position the wax against the direction of hair growth to remove the hair completely. 

Aside from the techniques, you'll also learn more about skin function, procedures and preparation, health and hygiene and the different skin diseases and disorders. 

2. Makeup Artistry

With makeup manufacturers producing more palettes and shades to fit every skin tone, the public's interest in makeup has heightened. Now, wearing makeup isn't just for formal or business events; it's an acceptable everyday thing! 

While you may gain some information on applying makeup from “beauty gurus” on YouTube, formal makeup artistry training paves the way to doing it professionally. 

By taking up an online makeup course, you'll learn more than just makeup application. Instead, you will understand the processes from a holistic perspective. These include selecting the right products to go with your client's skin type and knowing how to deal with the oxidation of makeup products. 

Your knowledge and execution of these theories can affect the outcome of your work, and you won’t learn these on YouTube.  

Aside from the technicalities, you'll also know more about design and creativity. You'll learn how to match the type of makeup with the occasion, including natural beauty, glamour, creativity, fashion and bridal makeup.

3. Hairstylist Training

Hair and makeup are usually a package for a makeover or event. So if you're planning to take more than one course, makeup artistry and hairstyling go perfectly together. But you also have the option to take it on its own.

A hairstyling course will introduce you to the different techniques to do any length and type of hair. You'll learn how to do braids (French, Dutch, fishtail, flower, simple updo and messy bun) and classic updos, including blow-drying techniques, hair straightening and creating red carpet curls and beach waves.

Styling the hair to match the event is also important. Bridal hairstyles are completely different from film and fashion. Since you will sometimes deal with a client who doesn't know what they want, you must communicate with them. You will also learn how to look at someone's face shape and suggest what kind of hairstyle will suit them the most.

lash technician training

4. Lash Technician Training

Most women love to think of their eyes as their most beautiful assets. Unfortunately, while off-the-rack lash extensions are available, they don't usually last for a long time. 

That is why women typically go to a lash technician to have their eyelash extension applied by a certified lash tech. However, if you want to become a licensed lash tech, you should first take classes and the licensure examination.

Lash technician training is one of the many in-demand online beauty courses you can choose to take. This course will primarily talk about the techniques used for the application and removal of individual lashes. 

You'll also know more about effectively communicating with your clients, especially when suggesting the correct lashes based on their eye shape. The discussions will also include health, safety and hygiene protocols, along with possible contraindications, as these are all vital information you have to share with your clients.

Aside from the lash training itself, some beauty courses like Beauty Boss Academy’s The Classic Course provide business development support. You will definitely gain back the investment you've made, whether you practice as a certified lash technician or put up your own lash business. 

So, whether you plan on getting licensed or not, taking The Classic Course will give you the leverage you'll need in starting your career in lash extension application.

Enroll in Accredited Beauty Courses

If you're looking for a sign to explore a new hobby or delve into your beauty-related passions, this is it! Conflicting schedules won't be that much of an issue because of the flexibility of online classes. So if you have a full-time job or are still studying, you may take accredited online beauty courses at your most comfortable time.

Do you want to know more about how you can turn your passion into something profitable? Then, enroll at Beauty Boss Academy today and start your career in the beauty industry with us!

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