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Let Beauty Shine This Holiday Season With A Lash Training Kit Gift

It’s the season to be beautiful! Let your beauty shine at the happiest time of the year this Christmas. And since it’s the gift-giving season, you must be looking for a holiday gift for your loved ones, and you want it to be an extraordinary one as this occasion happens only once a year. 

Worry no more as we got you covered through the classic lash training kit—a box of goodness for beauty enthusiasts, skilled lash artists, and lash technician wannabes. In this article, we’ll walk you through the different items included in a lash tech training kit and the reasons why it is the best gift this holiday season!

Happiness In A Box: Lash Training Kit Inclusions

Be this year's Santa Claus and get your beauty-loving relative or friend this holiday lash kit, which will be an excellent addition to their collection of beauty must-haves. If you are a beauty enthusiast yourself, you’ll know what to look for in the lash extension training kit inclusion. 

Here are the items inside the fancy box:

  • Different kinds of tweezers for lash isolation and application
  • Lash cleansing product to clean the eyes and lashes
  • Lash primer before attachment of extensions
  • Microtips for lash priming
  • A lash tray with a variety of curls, thickness, and lengths
  • A set of practice lashes, important for beginners
  • Paper tape to keep the eyes closed once the lash extension service begins
  • Scissors to cut the tape
  • Adhesive and adhesive stickers for lash extension and natural lash bonding
  • Debonder for tweezer cleaner
  • Lash remover
  • Wands for lash brushing and cleansing
  • Fan for quick adhesive drying
  • Mirror to check if client's eyes are still closed

These supplies are enough to get your friend or loved one started in their journey towards becoming a professional and licensed lash technician—if they aren’t yet. If they already are, your gift is a kind gesture to support the career path they have taken. 

The Joy And Benefits A Lash Kit Brings

If you are the type of gift-giver who exerts effort finding out what the receiver needs, a lash kit is a perfect gift choice for you! It will bring you joy in seeing that the receiver uses your surprise in their daily lives. Here are the joys and benefits this box brings. 

A Sign of Encouragement

Behind the beautiful wrapping of the lash kit is the more profound message of encouragement to your loved one or friend. Even if they still have reservations about offering lash service to more clients or starting their own business, the kit is an excellent form of encouragement. With a little more push from you, they’ll eventually give it a try and realize how capable and talented they are.

lash extension training kit

An Act of Support

When a loved one or friend just began their freelancing or small wellness business, show your support by giving them materials to use in their work. The lash tray can serve as their practice lashes to better their work. They’ll also have an extra supply of lash services must-have that they can use in their lash extension services. 

A Push to Level-up

The lash kit can be a great gift to lash technicians no matter their skill level. If they are already trained, you can still send this kit to them. For a little push to level-up, why not include a brochure or flyer of an advanced lash technician training inside the box? Better yet, add in your little surprise: a gift card of a paid Advanced Lash Lift Course online in a beauty school!

Tips On Making Gift Giving Extra Delightful

Add extra delight to the gift-giving process by adding a sparkly ribbon to wrap the lash kit up. Many families follow the tradition of leaving a spot at home for the gift-giving ceremony. You can make yours memorable by preparing a little speech that encourages, supports, or gives your loved one or friend a little push. 

If you want the moment to be a little intimate, approach the receiver privately to give the gift. If you want to add an element of surprise, place it in the receiver’s room and add a little confetti and fairy lights here and there for the best holiday gift revelation. 

Beauty Boss Academy’s Lash Kit And Courses

If you're looking for a gift to give someone this holiday season, the lash kit could just be it. This kit is excellent for anyone that wants to take their skills from "meh" to marvelous. The kit includes everything they need in one box— practice lashes, cleanser, primer, wands, and more! So if your shopping list is still blank because you don't know what else to buy people, we hope our blog post helped provide some inspiration. 

Check out our lash kit here at Beauty Boss Academy. If you plan to give your friend or loved one a gift card, our Classic Lash Lift Course online is a fine choice. For more details, contact us now. We’d love to hear from you!

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