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How to Clean Eyelash Extensions: 5 Tips Your Clients Must Know

Any lash professional would tell an aspiring lash artist the importance of teaching clients how to clean eyelash extensions. Keeping lash extensions clean is essential for them to stay beautiful and long-lasting. However, many clients are afraid of touching their extensions because they might fall off. Thus, they end up not cleaning them at all.

This is totally understandable. To help your clients out, share with them these five simple tips on keeping their newly applied lash extensions strong and healthy. 

Why Cleaning Lash Extensions Properly Is a Must

One of your responsibilities as a lash artist is to educate clients on proper lash aftercare. Let’s cover some of the reasons why this is a must.

Good Lash Health

Lashes follow a cycle of growth and eventually shed. When properly maintained, your clients can keep them looking their best throughout this cycle, free from clumps or bald spots. 

Cleaning lash extensions regularly is one way to promote the natural lash cycle. Proper cleansing gets rid of the dirt, oil, makeup residue, or dead skin cells that can interfere with lash growth. 

Eye Condition Prevention

Dirty lashes can put your clients at risk for blepharitis, conjunctivitis, and even eyelash lice infestation. On the other hand, cleaning lash extensions regularly reduces your clients' chances of developing these eye conditions. Dirt, oil, and dead skin cells around the eyes don’t stand a chance with good aftercare, preventing an infection before it even starts.

Better Lash Retention

Residue and oil buildup can compromise the eyelash adhesives, which hold the lash extensions together. This can lead to premature lash loss, affecting the lifespan of eyelash extensions. Good lash cleansing habits may seem simple, but they can make a huge difference in keeping your beautiful lashes on for longer.

a woman brushing her lashes with spoolie brush

How to Clean Lash Extensions: 5 Lash Aftercare Instructions to Give Your Clients

The health and safety of clients should be every lash artist's top priority. That said, you must communicate aftercare instructions well for your clients to get the most out of their lash session. 

Here are tips you can share with your clients.

1. Avoid Getting the Lashes Wet for 4 to 6 Hours After the Lash Appointment

After their first session, your client may ask you how to clean eyelash extensions at home. The first advice you should give is to avoid getting their lashes wet during the first four hours after the lash appointment.  

This may seem like an eternity for your clients. However, this will allow the lash adhesive enough time to cure, securely bond with the lashes, and keep them in place. After this, they can safely clean their lashes with water and non-oil-based products. Saunas and steamy showers are also a no-no with lash extensions, even after the first 4-6 hours.

2. Clean Eyelash Extensions With Lash Shampoo Daily

Washing the lash extensions with water alone is not enough. Advise your clients to cleanse their eyes and eyelash extensions with a lash shampoo daily. Lash shampoo can help remove oil and dirt accumulating in and around the lash extensions. 

After washing the lashes with a lash shampoo, they can rinse them off with water. Then, use a clean spoolie to brush off any excess liquid or debris.

3. Use Oil-Free Makeup Products and Makeup Remover Only When Necessary

Oil-based products can wear off the lash adhesive that keeps the lash extensions in place. To preserve the lifespan of their eyelash extensions, your clients should avoid these types of eye makeup and cosmetics. If they really need to wear makeup, advise them to use oil-free alternatives for a beautiful and long-lasting lash look.

If your clients love to wear mascara, gently remind them that lash extensions already fulfill a mascara’s purpose. Wearing mascara on top of lash extensions can leave them looking clumpy, creating an uneven coating over the lashes. Plus, most regular mascaras contain oils that weaken the bond of the lash glue. 

When removing makeup, it’s best to avoid creamy soaps or oil-based makeup removers around the eye area, as these can also affect the adhesion of the lash glue. A great oil-free option you can suggest is micellar water.

4. Brush Lashes Daily

Brushing the lashes is important after washing your face. This removes dirt and other debris from getting into the lashes and eyes and also prevents tangling. 

Gently remind your clients that rubbing their eyes or pulling on the lashes not only weakens the bond of the lash adhesives and causes lash fallout but also damages their eyes. Brushing the lashes would be a great alternative. 

a woman wiping her eye makeup

5. Get Refills Every 2 to 3 Weeks

Remind your clients to schedule a fill appointment with you every two to three weeks. This helps maintain the fullness and quantity of their lashes. It also prevents further damage from grown-out lashes that have begun to droop or fall out. 

Always Promote Good Lash Aftercare For Healthy, Long-Lasting Lashes

Now that you know these lash cleansing tips, it’s time to spread the word and keep your clients happy for longer with healthy lash extensions. Helping them keep their lashes maintained and long-lasting is also a testament to your expertise, boosting trust in your lash business. 

If you want to feel more confident in your lash skills and in educating your clients about proper aftercare, learn more with Beauty Boss Academy. We offer comprehensive lash training courses to level up your lash career. 

Start learning the fundamentals of lash extension application by checking out our courses today!

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