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5 Things You’ll Learn About Client Consultation From an Eyelash Course Online

Client consultation is crucial to your work as a lash artist. Many online eyelash extension courses provide great insight into its importance and give lash students valuable tips they can use during appointments. Paying attention to this part of an eyelash course online can determine whether they will book an appointment with you again or not. 

This blog post will share essential client consultation tips you can learn in online courses and how to attract more clients with your workplace setup.

Why Online Lash Extension Courses Teach Client Consultation

Lash extension courses provide students not only with practical knowledge on applying extensions but also some valuable lessons on the business side of things.

Client consultations are an everyday task for a lash artist, so many include this as a module in their curriculum. Every lash service starts with this step. It allows you to establish rapport with new and returning clients, discuss pre-care and aftercare instructions, and determine the specifics of the lash look they’ll get. 

Even if you're already a practicing lash technician, you can still improve how you do this part of the service by advancing your eyelash extensions learning online. The client consultation module will give you more confidence in setting a client’s expectations and making sure the session will go smoothly.

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5 Lessons on Client Consultation That You'll Learn From an Eyelash Course Online 

Now that you’ve learned why client consultations are a module in most lash courses, here are some of the most significant lessons on the topic that an online lash course will teach you: 

1. What Questions to Ask During a Consultation

The initial lash client consultation is where you make your client feel safe and comfortable by asking questions relevant to the procedure. Let’s go through some of them below:

  • Are they getting lash extensions for a special occasion? Lash extensions will last just as long as your client takes proper care of them. You’ll need to emphasize aftercare instructions to make sure they still look gorgeous during the event.
  • Any bad experience with previous lash extension applications? As a lash artist, you want to make sure your client is comfortable throughout the whole procedure. But you can’t control any anxieties due to a previous bad experience. Instead, relay the measures you’ll be doing to ensure this won’t happen again.
  • What position do they usually sleep in? Lash extensions are semi-permanent, which means you’ll have to sleep wearing them. Friction from certain sleeping positions and habits can lead to premature shedding. If your client is a side sleeper, it’s best to apply a lash style that uses short and thin strands on the corners.
  • What are their preferred beverage/music genre/scent? Personalizing a client’s lash experience according to their preferences is one way to make them feel safe and comfortable. Have an assortment of delicious and relaxing tea blends or refreshing drinks so they have plenty of options.

Online eyelash extension courses will teach you that taking the time to genuinely learn more about your clients has mutual benefits. As you establish trust, they will feel comfortable and relaxed once you start on their lash procedure, making your work easier. 

2. Inquiring About Clients' Health Conditions

Client consultations are also a time for your clients to be honest about whether they have any health conditions you need to be aware of. 

Attending eyelash extensions training online will help you know which eye conditions are too severe for a lash procedure. If they have a visible eye condition that can be contagious such as conjunctivitis, calmly advise them to seek medical help and reschedule the lash appointment. 

You may also take this time to ask if they are pregnant or taking medications that might interfere with the lash procedure.

3. Choosing a Lash Style

An eyelash extension course will teach you the most popular basic and advanced lash styles you can apply. As you present them to your clients, you can guide them on the styles that will best suit them. Recommend lash styles that their natural eyelashes can comfortably handle, especially if your client is a lash newbie. 

It’s also important to consider the environment your clients spend the most time in. For example, dramatic lashes may not be allowed in some workplace policies. In this case, suggest a style that will look appropriate for their place of work. 

4. Respecting Clients' Lash Style Choice

Not every client will know what a dolly eye lash style looks like. Let your clients see what each lash extension style looks like by showing photos of them. You can also display your lash service menu, so your clients will know what styles you offer. This will help them choose what they like. 

There may be instances where your client may choose a lash style different from what you would recommend. This is where the lessons you learned on an online eyelash extension course come in. Online lash training teaches students to be professional. In general, listen to what your clients want unless it will pose a safety concern. 

5. Ensuring Clients Sign a Consent Form

One of the most important lessons you'll learn from an online eyelash extensions course is securing a signed consent form from clients. As a lash artist, one of your top priorities should always be to give your clients the finest lash service. As part of this, always ensuring that every client has signed a consent form before starting the lash procedure is essential. Doing so will help ensure they understand all the important information about the lash service they'll receive. 

A consent form is also a form of security against any liabilities. For instance, if a client who’s signed a consent form outlining the risks experiences allergic reactions and comes complaining, this document will protect you. 

It's vital to be transparent with clients and ensure they understand the risks before you start the lash procedure. If you have an underage client, ensure they have a guardian to sign the consent form.

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Learn More About Running a Lash Business With BBA

An online eyelash extension course will always include the basics of lash extension application. But there is much more to learn about lash extensions if you want to stand out in the industry. 

Beauty Boss Academy offers comprehensive online eyelash extension courses that teach the fundamentals of lash extensions and running a successful lash business. Aside from this, BBA provides lash artists with access to a dedicated community where you'll receive lots of support along your lash journey.

Check out our courses and start enhancing your lashing and business skills today!

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