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5 Reasons Why You Should Get Your Eyelash Extension Certification Online

2020 changed a lot of things, including how we do our work and schooling. The pandemic showed just how helpful technology could be: things like getting an eyelash extension certification online and taking up other online courses are rising in popularity, primarily because they’re so easy to do from the comfort of your own home.

Of course, you can get your eyelash extension license traditionally through a face-to-face learning setup. However, if you can get the license online, we recommend going this route. Here are the reasons why it's best to do it through the internet.

1.  You can take your lessons when you want to

While there are significant advantages to a physical learning setup, one benefit of taking eyelash extension classes online is having complete control over your time. In addition, lessons are usually recorded, so you can watch the videos whenever you're free.

You can use this to your advantage if you have a full-time job or you're still studying. Just play the videos whenever you have time! You're not forced to follow a schedule and you don't have to think about which class to take next. Eyelash extension courses are structured all throughout so all you have to do is follow the lesson plan.

2. You can fast-track the course

If you want to finish the course early, you can fast track your way to completion. In fact, you can complete it all in as fast as three days. Learning everything and practicing consistently will help you finish your goals as soon as possible. The sooner you complete your training, the quicker you'll get your certificate.

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3. You're learning in an environment you're comfortable in

Aside from time, you have control over where you're going to study. Are you more comfortable learning in your bedroom or at a cafe nearby? Since all of the lessons are delivered online through recorded videos, you have access to them anywhere you are. Choose a place where you can focus and practice the techniques correctly. You'll also benefit greatly from this because being comfortable will allow you to absorb the lesson better.

If you're planning to train at home, it's best to pick one place and stick to it. You can also recreate a formal learning set up by placing a desk and your computer in that particular area. Your study area should have as much natural light as possible to help you focus on your lessons.

4. You will have more time to practice

Applying lashes is a skill. Schools and other institutions that offer lash extension training focus both on its theoretical and practical aspects. Aside from knowing the terminologies and safety protocols, you’ll also need to practice the actual application process.

In a face-to-face learning setup, you'll only get to practice when you're at school. But if you have the tools at home, you can hone your skills whenever you feel like it. Of course, buying equipment for school use and home use will cost you extra. However, when you're enrolled in an online course for eyelash certification, you'll only have to buy one set of tools you'll use at home. You're not required to purchase these tools, but it's recommended that you do.

Finally, you don't have to deal with any unwanted pressure when you're practicing. Take as much time as you need! If there's a particular technique you're not entirely familiar with, you can always replay the video and watch it thoroughly. You can watch the videos over and over again until you get the techniques down perfectly.

5. You will save a lot of money

Onsite learning in a lash extension school costs around $800 to $1,000 for a comprehensive course. That's just for lash training alone; kits and other materials are not included with this fee. You can also factor in commuting to the place to attend your classes as a part of the costs.

Getting an eyelash extension certification online, on the other hand, costs less than $500 for an entire course. You won't have to travel so you're going to save money on that too. At Beauty Boss Academy, we offer The Classic Course for only $497. You'll be getting 12 modules and  more than 40 video lessons about everything you need to know on doing lash extensions correctly. You'll get to test your learnings with ten quizzes, and if you pass you’ll receive a course certificate at the end of the program.

You can also purchase The Classic Starter Kit from us for only $149. Everything you need to practice your lash application skills and techniques is in this set. There’s no need to look elsewhere! Enroll, buy the kit, attend classes, practice, and you'll get your eyelash extension certification online from us in no time!

Get Your Eyelash Extension Certification Online Today!

There are a lot of advantages when you get your eyelash extension certification online. We've listed just five enticing reasons, but there are so many more out there. Given today's situation where we have to be extra careful, getting your certification online is your best bet.

Are you looking for a professional online lash training course? Sign up at Beauty Boss Academy! We're dedicated to teaching you all the things you need to know about lashes. At the end of your training, you'll be confident enough to perform eyelash extension applications, and eventually you’ll get to start your own business! What are you waiting for? Enroll now and start your lash training with us!

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