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320-Hour Eyelash Extension Course Online - What’s the Best Academy for You?

An eyelash extension specialist earns as much as $44,302 annually, equivalent to $21.29 per hour. However, in most places, you’ll have to get a lash extension certification or a license that validates your credentials as an eyelash specialist. 

Becoming a full-fledged eyelash extension specialist requires a 320-hour eyelash extension course online, although of course you can also take your lessons in-person if you prefer. But we all know that COVID-19 is still around, and it is highly recommended to avoid physical contact even when you are in a hybrid face-to-face setup. Plus, subscribing to online training is cheaper than taking in-person training.

Attending online classes instead of physical classes is a good choice. All you need is a qualified lash academy that offers the best package for your growth as an aspiring eyelash extension specialist.

What You Need to Learn

Before we get into our list of beauty academies that offer the best 320-hour eyelash extension course online, let’s talk about the content of the course as prescribed by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR).

  • 40 hours in Orientation, Sanitation, and TDLR that includes:
    • Infection Control
    • TDLR: All the Laws and Rules
    • Sterilization Procedures
    • First Aid and Safety
  • 90 hours in Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extension Training that tackles:
    • Client Consultation
    • Preparation, Health, and Safety
    • Client Comfort
    • Eyelash Growth
    • Procedures
    • Supplies, Tools, and Product Selection
    • Technique Variations
    • Eyelash Extension Application Variations
    • Lash Removal
    • After Care
  • 30 hours in State and Business Skills that talk about:
    • PSI Candidate Information Bulletin
    • Career Planning
    • The Lash Business
    • Selling Products and Services
  • Student Salon Training
    • Salon Management and Practices
    • Business Fundamentals
    • Success Habits
    • Accountability
    • Communication
    • Customer Service
    • Managing Your Finances
    • The Needs Assessment
    • Getting Retail Results
    • Double Your Day
    • Attracting Ideal Clients
    • Marketing 101
    • SMART Goals
    • Completion
    • Federal Taxation
    • Salon Safety, Sanitation, Inventory Practices, Front Desk Etiquette, and Phone Call Handling
    • Client Services

You’d better look for these items in your course outline for they are the key to your success in the accreditation exam. With the aid of these top-performing beauty academies, you can now begin your lash training.

The Best Beauty Academies Where You Can Start Your Dream

  • Dallas Lash Academy

An academy accredited by TDLR, it has an eyelash extension 320-hour training course that starts with a comprehensive theory with handouts for additional information. After discussing the theories, you can ask questions to validate and clarify some points. Then, the class moves forward with hands-on practice.

  • 3D Lash and Brow Academy and Salon

Aside from the academy’s TDLR approved courses, it offers extra training on Russian Volume to Hybrids, Mega Volume, Bottom Lashes, Advanced Lash Mapping, and photography lighting.

  • LashUp BrowDown Academy

Enroll in LashUp Academy, and you will learn directly from its founder, a leading artist in the industry. The Academy offers beginner-friendly, extensive, and advanced training for all of your lash learning needs.

  • IHeart Lash Academy

IHeart Academy sets the bar high in the lash industry and promises a great experience for its enrollees. Aside from eyelash extensions, the Academy offers many more programs that can better equip you in the beauty industry.

BBA has a large network of beauty professionals, and the courses it offers are designed and demonstrated by established experts in the beauty industry. You can enroll in the Academy’s Classic Course, where you can access diverse training materials before getting a lash certification, or the Complimentary Program that can give you refreshers on lashing.

The academies mentioned above offer training kits and manuals aside from video tutorials. These training kits include lashes, adhesives, tweezers, gel pads, micro brushes, and other basic tools needed for a 320-hour eyelash extension course.

Final Thoughts

Before you begin your online training, it is a practical move to check the academy’s credentials and the deliverables of the courses they offer. Remember that passing the accreditation exam is important to your success as a lash artist.

Now that you know the best beauty academies that offer a 320-hour eyelash extension course online, start reviewing each of them and subscribe to the one perfect for you. Good luck on your journey!

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