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Black or Brown Lash Extensions: Which Is the Right One for You? 

Lash extensions are a great way to add volume and length to your lashes, but what about colour? Is it possible for us to have lash extensions in other colours aside from black? Nowadays, coloured lashes are growing more popular by the year, specifically brown lash extensions. This subtle but dreamy look rises among beauty trends, and for good reasons. 

Brown lash extensions can look natural if done well, but they often don't provide the dramatic effect customers get with black ones. You may not have heard of brown lashes before, but they offer a unique and beautiful option for your eyes. Read on to see whether this growing trend is for you.

Benefits of Brown Eyelash Extensions

Choosing a black eyelash extension for your eyes is the norm for eyelash colour. However, this colour may not be suitable for every client. Thus, others opt for brown lashes. 

Here are the perks of getting brown lash extensions: 

Natural Look 

There are two main kinds of black eyelash extensions: the classic and the volume eyelash extensions. You would use volume lash extensions if you wanted something bold and dramatic. But if you want a small improvement on your eye look, you would ask for classic lash extensions. But even with this, it can still look unnatural. Thus, women choose brown lash extensions for an understated yet fresh look.

Brown lashes will look even more natural on brown, red, or blond hair clients. Also, fair and light-skinned women will appreciate the radiant, soft look these eyelash extensions give.

Less Makeup

Imagine if you have black eyelash extensions but are a blonde or redhead. You'd have to go through the trouble of putting on mascara that must match your natural eyelash colour. The easiest workaround is to get brown lashes! So you would have less time putting on unnecessary makeup. 

Brown Shades for Every Lash Client 

Are you worried that there's only one shade of brown? Unlike black eyelash extensions, brown eyelash extensions come in different shades, perfect for every client. 

  • Dark brown: Dark brown lashes are ideal for brunettes but also for black-haired clients who want a low-key eye look. 
  • Light brown: Are your client's lashes thin or sparse? Perhaps, their lashes are hard to see, making them look dull and lifeless? To improve their natural eyelashes, you can dramatically add light brown eyelash extensions to highlight their eye shape.
  • Golden:  Do you have a blond client who wants to blend their eyelash with their natural hair colour? Then, light tones of brown can naturally improve your eye look without looking contrasting and awkward. 

Brown Lash Extension Styles 

The availability of multiple lash extension colours has opened doors to many styling options and techniques for lash technicians. So, it can be quite tough deciding which colour will suit the client best, but try applying colour theory to your work. For example, you can get the most natural look with brown eyelashes, but when you mix it with other tones or colours, you get unique highlights that draw a lot of attention.  

Below are two cool eyelash extension ideas but feel free to explore other techniques and styles for brown eyelash extension. 

50/50 Black and Brown 

Does your client want the soft effect of brown and the sharp look of black lashes? You can combine two different colours to create looks from different angles. Either you can add more brown fake eyelashes on top of your natural black lashes or the other way around. 

Different Shades of Brown Lashes 

Mixing dark and lighter shades of brown lashes creates a nice gradient look to your eyelashes. For instance, you can use 0.07mm volume fans (dark brown) with 0.15 and 0.20mm mink lashes (light brown to red-brown) to create hybrid eyelash extensions.  

Coloured Lash Pop Quiz

Brown Eyelash Extensions

Are you still unsure which eyelash extension works for your clients? Then, let's take a short quiz to determine which coloured lashes suit their personality and style! 

#1. Do you want a subtle lash line look? 

A. Yes. (Go for brown false lash extensions) 

B. No. (Stick with black eyelashes) 

#2. Do you have dark skin? 

A. Yes. (Go for black lashes if you want to make any prominent difference) 

B. No. (Brown lashes will be ideal if you don't want to get noticed)  

#3. Do you have olive skin tone? 

A. Yes. (Darker shades of brown look more natural on olive to medium-skin toned clients.) 

B. No. (Go for black or light shades of brown, then.) 

#4. Do you want a sexy look? 

A. Yes. (Pick black lash extensions for a sensual, fierce look.) 

B. No. (Choose brown lashes for a subtle, flirty eye effect.) 

#5. Are you looking for a youthful appearance?

A. Yes. (Brown lashes work great for mature clients who want to make their sparse lash line fuller.) 

B. No. (Black lashes still work, but it's a bit hard-looking and bold to look at.) 

#6. Do you want lashes suitable for work and school?

A. Yes. (Get brown lashes for a natural, vibrant look.) 

B. No. (For a bolder look, black eyelashes are perfect.) 

#5. Do you often go to night parties?

A. Yes. (Vamp up with black eyelash extensions to stand out in disco lights.) 

B. No. (Brown lashes will give you a no-makeup look.) 

Tips for Brown Lash Extension Application

If your clients choose a fuller yet volumized look of brown lash extensions, you need to take a few notes on how to apply them to your client's natural eyelashes. Below are two factors to consider when using brown lash extensions.

Clear Eyelash Glue

Lash artists normally use black lash glue to blend with your black eyelash extensions. However, when applying individual brown lashes, we highly recommend picking clear eyelash glue. 

Eyelash Mapping

There are only slight differences between mapping brown and black eyelash extensions. So you can create any style of lash extensions with brown lashes as you do with black ones. But if you want to create a natural look, remember that: 

  • Lashes at the inner and outer corners are shorter, so avoid using long lash lengths. 
  • Natural lashes aren't the same, so mix different lengths to match your client's existing eyelashes. 

Learn More Eyelash Extension Techniques at Beauty Boss Academy

Are you a newbie client, blonde, red-haired or light-skinned? Or perhaps, you are looking for a more natural look than black classic lash extensions? Then, brown eyelash extensions are for you. This subtle lash colour can give that wow factor without being too dramatic. It's because brown lash extensions can add depth and dimension to your eyes, making them look brighter and more radiant. 

Does this open your passion for eyelash extensions? Enrol at Beauty Boss Academy. Our experts can guide you to get these lush and beautiful lashes in different colours and shades. Plus, they let you develop your personal brown lash extension styles for your clients. Amp up your beauty routine with online lashes extension courses at BBA, and learn everything there is to know about lashes! 

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