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5 Best Beauty Expert Courses Options to Kickstart Your Beautician Career

Are you planning to work as a full-time beautician, or do you want to start a beauty business? Both are excellent reasons to take up a beauty expert course. There are various online courses you can enroll yourself in. In this article, we've narrowed down the best beauty courses you may want to consider. You'll know more about what each class focuses on to help you decide which beauty expert online course you should take. Here’s a general overview of these programs:

1. Nail Technology

There are limited courses in nail technology available online. Some schools address this by sending nail kits so their students can practice. In an online learning setup, you have to watch the videos and read the modules first before practicing the techniques. 

For the nail technology beauty expert course, you'll learn more than just the basics. Waterless manicure is one of the advancements that some schools offer as a part of their program. Creative nail technology, such as applying nail arts and gel nail enhancements, will also be discussed in these courses. Aside from learning different nail application techniques, you'll also learn more about the best practices in health and hygiene. All of these, no matter how simple they may seem, are important parts of the process.

2. Facial Services

Online facial courses are recommended if you want to become an expert in professional skincare treatments. Most schools and institutions that offer this course focus on both basic and advanced training. You may enroll in these courses with or without any background. 

The introductory lessons will cover skin type analysis as the first step. There are different skin types: oily, dry, sensitive, or a combination of any of these. As a facialist, you should know which treatments will work with these clients best. Focus on this because good skin type analysis leads to better treatments! You will learn other techniques such as skin steaming, deep cleansing, and exfoliating. 

Introductory courses will also include the correct selection of products, tools, and equipment to be used. Communicating with clients is also a part of the job and is included as a module in most programs. They'll teach you how to provide the proper treatment and product recommendations, all of which are geared towards customer satisfaction. You can choose to enroll in advanced courses such as dermaplaning, microdermabrasion, microcurrent treatment, high facial frequency, and facial galvanic procedures.

3. Face and Body Waxing

Another beauty expert course you can take is face and body waxing. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of waxing courses available online. But the available ones usually offer a kit to go with the lessons. You can practice with the equipment while watching the videos. 

You're going to learn two types of waxing: strip and stripless waxing. Both methods may be used for different areas of the skin. However, there are some advantages to one over the other. You'll also know which way will be more appropriate and less painful for the client when waxing specific areas.

Aside from waxing techniques, procedures and preparation for waxing will also be discussed. In addition, there are more advanced lessons such as knowing different skin diseases and disorders, crucial ingredient information such as the dangers of using Roaccutane, health, hygiene, adverse effects, and after-care advice.

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4. Relaxation Massage

Among all beauty expert online course options, relaxation massage may be the most underrated one yet. Most people don't know that there are online courses available for this. Although it's more hands-on learning, there are ways to practice this at home! 

You will learn the basics and theories through video lectures. These will include knowing its history, benefits, and levels of massage. Different massage techniques are shown with step-by-step video instruction. These include the following target areas:

  • full back
  • shoulder
  • full leg and fee
  • stomach
  • arm and hand
  • neck, shoulder, and decolletage
  • face

Advance training will include mastering other types of massages. The most popular ones are Swedish, hot stone, and aromatherapy. Although you get to learn the basics, no massage routines are alike. You'll also know how you can create your personalized routine. This is based on the various massage techniques and target body areas.

Taking a course in relaxation massage is recommended, especially if you're planning to start a salon business. You can also take one if you want to get certified. Either way, enrolling in an online massage course is a convenient way to learn proper techniques. 

5. Lash Technology

Lash technology focuses on eyelash applications. Compared to the other beauty courses listed above, many institutions offer lash training programs. Training will include lash lifting and tinting, which are part of the basics. You will learn how to do both services properly and achieve the different types of eyelash curls. 

Lash tinting will cover learning how to apply dye on the lashes safely. You should do skin patch testing to check for any possible reactions to the dye.

Lash extensions are more advanced compared to the other two lessons. There are introductory lessons to lash extensions that cover the basics. You'll know more about eye anatomy, physiology, common eye conditions, and proper assessment of a client's eye health. Choosing suitable lashes for a specific eye type is also a crucial part of the process.

At Beauty Boss Academy, we have Lash Boss Academy for lash training. We offer this course to those who don't have any experience in doing lashes. All lectures are delivered online. In addition, you will have access to our comprehensive training modules. Here, you'll get to see an in-depth tutorial of extensive eyelash applications. What makes us different is we offer business development support. Our lash training courses are perfect for you if you're planning on setting up your beauty salon or lash bar.

How to Become a Beauty Expert? Take Beauty Expert Courses!

Listed above are five beauty expert courses you can take. The best thing about these online courses is that you’re free to take more than one class simultaneously. You may also prioritize one lesson first—how you want to learn is totally up to you!

Perhaps the best way to start is to learn lash technology, which is one of the easiest beauty services you can master. Enroll in these courses and kickstart your beauty expert career today! 

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