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The Anatomy Of An Eyelash Extension Training Kit


If you're planning to enroll in eyelash extension training online, an eyelash kit is one of the things you should invest in. It's understandable if you're not yet sure which tools to include in your eyelash extension training kit, especially if you're a beginner in this line of work. But don't worry! You'll learn about these tools in this article, along with how they are used, so read further to know more!

eyelash isolation tweezer

Isolation Tweezers

One of the first techniques you will learn in lash extension application is isolating lashes. This is where you will separate your client's natural eyelashes to give space for the extensions. You'll need a reliable isolation tweezer because this step is a cornerstone of lash extension application. 

After successfully isolating your client's lashes, you will be able to make flawless lash extension applications. You can choose from three different isolation tweezers: straight isolation, curvy isolation, or precise-tip tweezers. All of these may be used for isolating lashes but have their own set of pros and cons. 

Pro tip: Choose isolation tweezers that are perfect in length and width for your hand. This is a matter of personal preference, so it varies from one technician to another. But if you find it hard to isolate the lashes, it might mean your tweezers may be too large or small.

Application Tweezer

After isolating the lashes, the next thing you'll learn is how to apply the new set of lash extensions. These are also known as lash applicators and share the same features as isolation tweezers. The only difference between these two is their tip—isolation tweezers are narrow, while application tweezers have a wider end. Since the tip is wider, it allows you to hold and apply for the lash extensions in place.

Eyelash Extension Primer

You will learn from eyelash extension training and certification that priming the natural lashes before applying a new set is crucial. A primer doesn't only condition the lashes, it also allows the adhesives to dry faster. 

In addition, primers dissolve natural oils and any residues left on the lashes, so the result is clean, and you won't have a hard time applying the new set of lashes.

Pro tip: You'll be surprised to know that some lash technicians don't use lash primers. It's not a requirement to do this step, but you'll have adhesives sticking out or accumulated dirt particles. So it's best to use these if you want your work to be clean!


Aside from applicators and tweezers, adhesives are also a crucial part of the process. There are a lot of considerations when choosing the best lash adhesives. First, it should be strong enough and free from any odor. 

Lash glues are usually made from chemicals, and some clients are sensitive about the smell. So it's best to balance out these two characteristics since sticky lash adhesives typically have a strong scent on them. 

Pro tip: Lash adhesives work best if they are stored properly. The glue dries out faster when it's more humid. But high humidity also shortens the glue's shelf life. So with that, it's recommended that you store it at around 45 to 50% humidity level at 22 to 26 degrees Celsius.

Lash Trays

Eyelash extensions are not sold separately. Instead, these are sold in trays, and one tray has 16 lines of lashes. So one tray might be good for eight clients if they order a full pair. However, some clients will only need one lash set for both eyes. 

If that's the case, then you can use one lash tray for more than eight clients. In addition, there are various lash extension types you can choose from. But for starters, it's easier for you to start with C, CC, and D. 

Final Thoughts

If you're looking for ways on how to become a lash technician, you will find online training programs you can enroll in. However, you'll also see that you'll need an eyelash extension kit, especially if you are registered in an online class. This is important since you have to practice the skills that are being taught to you during lessons.

At Beauty Boss Academy, we understand that you might not be familiar with all the tools you need. That's why we offer our Classic Lash Training Kit to go along with The Classic Course, so you won't find it hard to create your own set. Instead, you can just get the course and the kit, and then you're good to go!

Explore this new opportunity and enroll with us today!

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