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A Beginner Lash Technician's Guide to Lash Mapping Styles

Think of eyelash extensions as a journey to reaching the best look for your client. So how would you apply the right length and thickness of your individual eyelashes if you don't know the correct place to put them? Enter lash mapping. 

Lash mapping is an eyelash extension technique that allows you to precisely assess your client's facial and eye features to see what style of eyelash extensions suits them best. Then, you draw and map out the appropriate eyelash lengths by using eye patches and markers. 

Many lash technicians find this technique unnecessary but little do they know, there are a lot of benefits to mapping out your client's eye before the procedure. This blog post explores the pros of lash mapping, lash mapping styles, and a beginner's checklist to lash map!

Highlights of Eyelash Mapping

Most of us know that every eye shape differs from person to person. But it's a little-known fact that the left eye of the same client has different features from their right eye. That's why lash mapping is a must.

What if you're a veteran lash technician? The amount of experience in lash extensions doesn't matter. Because whether you're a new or a seasoned eyelash artist, lash mapping can bear a lot of beneficial fruit to your eyelash career

Creates Symmetry 

As an eyelash technician, you can always go for a freehand eyelash extension application. But lash mapping creates a smooth transition of lash lengths not just on one eye but on both eyes to create that symmetrical look and feel. 

Can you imagine the eyelash extensions on your left eye looking differently from your right? We want your client to look fabulous with their flawless lashes, and there’s no harm in taking this initial step.

Makes Lash Application Easier

If you've been an eyelash technician, planning eyelash extensions for different clients takes your time, especially for new clients. So you must also know that lash mapping cuts down half of your time preparing and applying for lash extensions. Everything is pre-made, so the application process is faster and easier. This gives you more opportunity to focus more on the client's wants for their lash extensions. 

Prevents Mistakes

With so many clients walking in and out of your lash lounge, you probably just give each one the same style of lashes without giving it much thought. Perhaps, you didn't give much attention to detail when putting on each lash, and you created too many or too few lashes on one side.  

Lash mapping avoids repetitive lash style on various clients and avoids wrong eyelash application since you have a guide that says how many lashes to put and where to put them. 

Come Up with Advanced Styles

Have you mastered the art of lash mapping? You must have known how to draw your lash map when you see your client in the back of your mind. So eventually, you will branch out and create different lash styles to create a unique eyelash extension. New clients will surely go for your lash services if you come up with exceptional styles that only your lash lounge can make. 

Lash mapping style results

Different Lash Mapping Styles 

You don't make your very own lash map from the get-go. Fortunately, there are existing lash mapping styles to achieve beautiful eyelash extensions suitable to your client. Here are some great examples:

Cat Eye Lash Map 

The lash map for cat eye style uses the long lengths of lashes at the outer corners and short lashes at the inner corners of your eye. Then, lash technicians will use slightly shorter lengths at the far-end corners of your eyes since the ends tend to fall quicker. 

With this lash mapping style, you create a wide-eye illusion and a sexy, winged look in your client's eyes. The cat eye style is more dramatic, but a subtle version is called a Kitten Eye. 

Squirrel Eye Lash Map 

Unlike the cat eye lash map, the squirrel eyelash mapping style has the longest length of lashes from the centre to the outer corner of your eye. Meanwhile, the inner corners have mid-length lash extensions. 

This style gives your lashes more volume, thus, enhancing the whole upper corner of your lashes on a new level. However, the desired thickness will depend on what your client wants. You can either use the classic or the volume eyelash extension technique.

Doll Eye Lash Map 

Entirely different from doll eye and cat eye lash mapping styles, the doll eye has the longest length of lashes in the middle section of the lashes. In contrast, you would put shorter lashes on both corners of the eye. You opt to make a natural look to make the eyelash lengths shorter. This lash mapping style makes your eye pop. It works wonders on wide-set eyes, making them rounder rather than elongated. 

Kim K Lash Map

Have you seen Kim Kardashian's eyelash extensions? Because of her, the Kim K lash mapping style was born. The Kim K lash map features long lashes from the inner to the outer corners of the eye and even longer lashes spiking throughout the eyelids. This famous lash mapping style has the most effect on smaller eyes because of the wispy and larger eye effect. However, it takes a lot of skill and knowledge in lash mapping and eyelash extension techniques to produce this feathery lash style. 

Lash Mapping Checklist

Your client must have asked for a specific lash style before getting started. But as we’ve mentioned, lash mapping involves carefully determining the best lash extensions for your client. At times, what the client wants may not fit them due to these factors: 

  • Face shape: Do they have wide faces? If so, eyelash extensions can be more dramatic. Clients with smaller faces will look too animated and awake with such types of lashes. 
  • Eye shape: Does your client have almond or round eyes? Is it monolid, hooded, protruding? There are plenty of eye shape types, and you can find out what each of your clients has by taking an eye shape quiz
  • Brow shape: The shape of your eyebrows has a role to play as it should complement your eyelashes. Imagine rounded eyebrows with Kim K lash mapping style. Your client will look like they're shocked all the time. 
  • Eye angle: Are your client's eyes upturned or downturned? For instance, if you use the wrong lash mapping on a pair of upturned eyes, you can give your client's eyes a flat appearance. 
  • Eye-spacing: Close-set eyes are great with the cat eye lash mapping style since it makes your eyes look further apart. However, you'll end up having a broader face if you apply the same lash mapping style with wide-set eyes. 
  • Natural lash strength: Having thick and long lash extensions may not be optimal for clients with delicate eyelashes. These natural lashes can't handle the weight of 12mm or 13mm eyelash length
  • Natural lash curl: When mapping out your lash extensions, you must check which direction your client's lashes point. Are they growing straight, downwards, or upwards? By knowing the natural curl of their lashes, you'll be able to map out and create the best lash style for them. 
Eyelash mapping with gel patches

Learn Eyelash Mapping Styles at BBA

Many lash technicians overlook eyelash mapping. Thus, some of them end up with unhappy clients with uneven eyelashes—just bad service overall. However, if you learn this basic technique, you'll be able to apply each lash and service your dear clients flawlessly. 
With different eyelash mapping styles, you can bring out the best of your client's facial features, enhance their beauty, and hide imperfections. Do you want to level up your lash extension techniques with eyelash mapping? Enroll in our eyelash courses here at Beauty Boss Academy today!

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