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5 Most Popular Lash Extension Styles: A Pre-Session Refresher

You can effortlessly jump out of bed and then into the office, looking wide-eyed and awake because of lash extensions. They've revolutionized the lash industry, allowing those who aren't naturally bestowed with sky-high lashes to hop in on the fun. However, anybody who has a terrible lash extension encounter can affirm that it is not a one-size-fits-all beauty remedy. So rather than selecting the same lash curl and length for every customer, a great lash technician will closely examine your distinctive eye shape and select or customize the right extension.

The same is true if you're thinking of having lash extensions; you should know the various lash extension styles and types. Doing so will assist you in effectively communicating the result you want to achieve with your lash technician. Dive into this article to learn more about the comprehensive lash extension styles guide to get you ready.

The 5 Most Popular Lash Extension Styles

Lash extensions can add drama to the eyes, and there are lash extension lengths and styles that you can play along with. With these 5 most popular styles, you can find out which type will suit your client best.

Natural Look

The natural style of eyelash extensions focuses on making your lashes look as authentic as possible. Bringing length and thickness to your natural lash length, this type of eyelash style will help highlight your natural lashes with additional length. A single lash extension is incorporated into your natural lash with gentler curls.

Cat-Eye Look

Using the lengthiest eyelash extensions on the outer edge of your eyes, you can achieve a nicely shaped cat-eye look. Relatively short extensions should be added to the center and inner corners of the eye for this style. This look will help lengthen the eye and achieve that sultry, mysterious look.

Doll Look

The dolly style is often used to show your full eyes and round them out. Lash technicians apply the longest strands around the midpoint of the eye and the shortest strands on both outer and inner edges. Doll style can give your eyes a fuller and more expressive impression.

Open Eye Look 

This type of eyelash extension style is one in which the lashes are the longest in the center point of the lash line. At the same time, the shortest extensions are placed at the eye's inner and outer corners. When a longer lash is incorporated in the middle part, it completely lifts the eye, giving it a rounder and fuller appearance. They're equivalent to doll eyelashes, but they're usually a little more dramatic.

Squirrel Look

Squirrel-style eyelash extensions are quite similar to cat eyelash extensions. They give the appearance of some very upturned eyes. With this style, your lash line will be sectioned into four, with lashes longer in the second to last section. The lashes are eventually shortened on every side, leaving the inner corner of your eyes with shorter lashes. Having the squirrel style is stunning and unique, which widens the eyes.

Eyes and lashes.

A Quick Refresher on The Eye Shape and the Lash Style That Match

The different eye shapes can significantly influence which style will work best for you. Here's a brief breakdown of the common eye shape classifications and how to select the appropriate extension styles for each.

Almond Eyes

Women with almond eyes can wear whatever eyelash extension style they want. But cat-eye lashes will complement a natural almond shape best. However, more rounded styles, such as doll eyes, will give almond eyes a relatively fuller and rounder eye shape, which is ideal if you want a softer look.

Upturned Eyes

Upturned eyes are indeed trendy nowadays, so lash extensions can't mess. Cat-eye and squirrel extensions are great for this eye shape, adding a more sultry fox-like appearance when done correctly. Alternatively, if you want to soften your eyes, you can try natural eyelashes.

Downturned Eyes

Downturned eyes will look excellent with squirrel or cat-eye styles that are not too long at the outer edges. This lash style lifts the outer edges of your eyes, where they begin to droop.

Once the outer corners of your eyes have longer lashes, they can end up curving slightly downward and highlighting your eye shape in an unflattering way.

Small Eyes

Small eyes benefit from softer, wavy lash mapping styles that do not overpower the eyes. Avoid using excessively long or thick extensions by sticking to slimmer classic or hybrid styles. To give full definition to your eyes, maintain your inner corner lashes slightly shorter.

Round Eyes

Round eyes are striking. Eyelash extension styles such as doll style and cat-eye look will draw attention to your eyes when incorporated. Try the suggested lash styles alternately, and you'll never be disappointed.

Other Factors and Customization

Modifying the lash extension style from user to user is critical for lash technicians since it allows them to make a customized style that matches their profile. The other factors that you should consider aside from the eye shape are as follows:

  • The size of the eyes' pupils
  • The eyes' orientation
  • Allergies to certain chemicals
  • Capacity for upkeep
  • Hue of the eyes
  • Lashes' natural length, curl, volume, and color
  • Shape of the eyelids, whether hooded or mono-lid

Taking Proper Care of Eyelash Extensions

The proper eyelash extension care gives you a more enhanced eye and saves you money because you don't have to replace your extensions that often. Because eyelash extensions help you stand out, it is a good practice to always put them in good shape.

Aftercare is essential for the first two days following the extension process to enable the glue to fix. After that, you can wash them to remove and avoid residue build-up that can infect your eye. During the first 24 hours, keep out from dirt and other chemicals that can irritate the eye. If you experience irritation and other adverse reactions, visit a healthcare provider right away.

After the first 48 hours, you can now clean your eyelash extensions every 3 days by doing the following:

  1. Brush the lash extensions to maintain their natural appearance using a brush with soft bristles.
  2. Wash the extensions with a special cleanser made only for the lashes. You can also wash them with distilled water.
  3. Enjoy the shower and let the water flow naturally down to your face and over the eyes.

Summing It Up!

Lashes extension styles differ, and selecting the best one is dependent on various aspects such as eye shape, natural eyelash, and other characteristics. To reach the optimum eye look you want, you must learn your client’s eye shape first, and that may take careful observation. 

The length and quantity of your lash extensions are also important because they make your eyes extra appealing and enticing. Furthermore, the right lash extension styles help you save time having to apply eyeshadow. When correctly applied, you can maintain your extensions looking good for a long time without causing damage to your natural lashes.

Consult a qualified lash specialist and follow the simple eyelash extension care instructions. It is the first step to achieving an attractive appearance which most eye makeup products do not provide.
If you want to know more about lash extensions, explore Beauty Boss Academy, and we have lots of useful stuff for you!

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