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“Lashing changed my life. This community helped me find my passion, now I want to share the opportunity with you too!”
Lash Artist & Beauty Boss Academy’s Founder
Welcome to Beauty Boss Academy, the home of the most comprehensive beauty courses and support communities on the market!
Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality education with a variety of beauty-related online courses. Not only do we promise to provide exceptional education but we also promise to offer you a support system of beauty lovers and experts to help you along the way.
We are the only online beauty academy that puts just as much love into our complimentary content as we do our premium content. We are here to create a passionate community where beauty lovers and professionals can connect, learn, and grow from one another.

BBA is so much more than just an academy. We are a support system focused on helping you make your dreams a reality. Once you join our Facebook Community of beauty lovers, you become a Beauty Boss for life! Support will not stop at the end of your course. You will have access to our community throughout your entire journey, including tons of helpful resources, completely free!
Our community is ready to welcome you to the career you have always wanted! Come meet other lash artists and beauty babes who are ready to connect with you and chat about all things beauty.

This exciting adventure begins with Lash Boss Academy by Beauty Boss Academy. This will be your one stop shop for all things lash extensions: our very first course, The Classic Course, is the perfect place to start your new hobby, passion, or career! You will have the opportunity to learn all the skills necessary to be a successful and competitive lash artist from a real industry professional.
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What if you could make thousands of dollars a year without spending thousands of dollars first?
What if by this time next year you could have a different and fulfilling new direction in life?
What if you can be a part of an uplifting community filled with beauty experts and beauty lovers who can help you become your own boss?

We’ll help you find your passion and build your business right here.

Gain full access the most reputable beauty bosses
With 24/7 support and communication plus insider tips and tricks from various beauty experts, you can learn the industry, develop your skills, and network with professionals all at the same time.
Learn from experts' mistakes
We’ve all been there, but we’d like to help you avoid the mistakes we made when we were starting out. Our community will help you navigate the two worlds of beauty and business and set you up for success!
Actionable, focused business plans
There are many fantastic beauty courses out in the market, but while they can teach you a thing or two about beauty they disregard the business side of things. BBA gives equal focus to both beauty and business so that you can learn the ropes and eventually become your own boss!
Grow in a community of like-minded people
Have the passion for beauty and no one to share it with? This community is filled with beauty bosses just like you. Being surrounded by like-minded people can help you become the best version of yourself you can be!

Our community of empowered and beautiful women can help you get to where you want to go!

Your questions, answered:

What should I expect to learn?
We’ll teach you the two most important B's combined--Beauty and Business! This will be the largest community that can give you all the resources and support you need to start, grow, and take your beauty brand to the next level. Get all of your pressing questions ready, because we’re going to be right here to answer them!
What is the sole purpose of this community?
YOU. This community was created to serve and help you in this very exciting time of your life. Melody, the founder of Beauty Boss Academy, is also the owner and founder of a lash salon, and she believes that community is everything.

It was extremely difficult for her to build her beauty business because she felt like she didn’t have many like-minded individuals around to turn to. Her goal is to create a beauty boss community so that you never have to be in the same position that she was in.
Why use Circle and not the traditional private Facebook group?
To be quite frank--Circle is way cooler!

Circle is a new community-based platform that allows you to not only have separate announcement/chit chat channels so you never miss any updates, but it lets you privately message fellow members or experts in case you ever need to chat on the side as well.

As a bonus, the customizations on the platform makes for a very aesthetically pleasing look. Who doesn't love that?
Is this purely a virtual group or will there ever be any live events?
The community platform itself will always be virtual because HELLO, that means you can take us everywhere with you! Need advice right now? Like at this very instant? BOOM, you’ve got it at your fingertips.

No need to fly, walk, or drive anywhere! But we also want to get to know all of the beauty bosses in this community. So stay tuned, because live events are definitely in the cards!
When is the community going to go live?
Very, very soon (AKA by the summer of 2021)! Make sure you join our beauty family today so that you can receive all of the important updates and get front row seating to the community when we launch.
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